Monday, October 31, 2011

We Are Not Related To This Man

My Grandpa Middleton was born and raised in a small community of primarily Robinson/Middleton related citizens along the Mulberry River in Newton County. Grandpa always said we are related to the Middleton that signed the Declaration of Independence but not to the Middleton that was a horse thief. I thought it an amusing anecdote and have often repeated it myself. But tonight I thought I would check out the name Middleton and horse thieves. Well, just look what turned up

If you were going to claim a connection to a Wild West Legend, this is the way to do it.

But who knows about legends anyway? Was everything written about Jesse James true? By the accounts I have read about this Doc Middleton, he got his nickname from his "doctoring" of horses. Grandpa was a horseman as well. Although he was not a big man, when Grandpa was herding the cattle from one pasture to another on the back of that shiny black horse, he looked large to me. Grandpa could lasso a calf while riding his horse. He could fashion a bridle out of a piece of rope and braid reins from lengths of leather. He kept his saddles clean and soft with saddle soap. He always brushed his horse before putting him up. I remember him having a horse whip but I do not remember him using it. He preferred a bitless bridle and he gentle-broke his horses. He loved his stock and would not tolerate the abuse of any of his horses.

Isn't this the sweetest little school desk my hubby bought for me? It's been sitting on a towel in this bare corner next to the fireplace for a couple of weeks awaiting the felt pads needed to keep it from scratching my floors. Apparently, while I was in Fort Smith last night, the pads were applied and the towel was removed. I didn't even notice. Although it is a beautiful desk and in excellent condition, the corner in which it is sitting is quite plain and I plan to decorate it in some not yet decided fashion. All I am sure of is that I am going to hang a framed print of the Declaration of Independence on the wall above it. After all, we are related to the Middleton who signed it.

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  1. Love the school desk! I have the metal parts for two old desks, but haven't been lucky enough for wooden seats to be added.