Sunday, November 13, 2011


Mission accomplished. Back to blogging

It turned out nothing is wrong with our air conditioner after all.
It was dust & lint. Go figure???

I cleaned this lamp but the one above the sink is too high for me to
reach. Honey do?

Poor Aunt Lizzy's stool covered in leaves.

It was so windy today there weren't as many to sweep
away as there was yesterday. It was almost 80
degrees today. This stool was my mama's that
Aunt Lizzy had at her house. She had it re-welded,
sand blasted and painted. She painted the little lily.
I love it.

A little high for me to dust too.

Looks much better now above the map of the portion of the
Arkansas river we live. Isn't the bottom portion shaped
somewhat like a galloping horse. My youngest granddaughter
noticed that - Sierra, my little artist. 
I could find no reason to keep the DNA

Much better.

Pajama bottom with ripped seam.

I'm just going to leave her here to think about what she
has done. The very idea...splitting right down the front.
Bath toys wanting to go upstairs.
They're a little closer. I don't make too many trips
If Barbie can tumble down the stairs, Nana can too.

My Bible Aunt Lizzy got me.

Reading in Judges - poor Samson.

Scrubs bicker when they spend too much time together.

Getting along together much better.

The whole group had become unruly.

They are now at attention facing me - well
except for Private Jergens in the back there.

They were not happy in their customary resting place in the corner.

I let them up on the bed for a while.

Comforter is too heavy for 80 degree weather. He'll have to stay on the
rocker for a while. The quilt was made by my Grandpa's mother.
Cotton batting and tiny stitches.

What's up with some of them just laying around on the floor?

They couldn't help it - no kick stands.

Insects trapped in spider's web.

Ungrateful little bugs - left a nasty residue.

Well, the streak was on the outside and there were
actually two long streaks of something

Never did find out how the streaks got there.

Silly post, I know. But kinda' fun for me. I had such a great weekend. We got to see our kids and all the grandchildren who are already becoming busy with their little lives. But most of weekend was spent just me and hubby - and although it is unusual, it is not a bad thing. Now it's off to work for a week and a half  before Thanksgiving holiday.

Love to all who read this.


  1. Wanna come to my house? I seem to have a lot of the same issues that you have at your house! : )

  2. This was so cute! Thanks for the chuckle today! (And see what you can do about Pvt. Jergens! *hehe*)

  3. Sometimes the weekends that seem somewhat ordinary are the best of all!

  4. I am working on some of my areas that looks a little dusty I know I am not alone.. Thanks! :)