Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Last Of The Tomatoes

These are the last of my tomatoes off the plant I have on my front porch. I may have had three to ripen over the summer but as soon as the weather turned cooler, they started producing. Alas, too late to ripen though. My brother in law - thanks Ron - brought me the last of his green tomatoes. As there were quite a few of his, I decided to follow the instructions a friend  - thanks Kathy - told me her mother in law did with her green tomatoes. Hubby and I wrapped each one in newspaper, placed them in a box, and he took them to the bonus room to ripen. (Remember, I try not to climb those stairs if I can get someone else to do it for me. And I certainly wouldn't be able to carry a box up there.) We had intentions of having fresh ripened tomatoes for Christmas dinner. I then rechecked the comment she had left on my facebook page to see if I had done it correctly and found they should have been laid out where they could get sun. No sun up there. I will bring them down and put them where they can get a little sunlight and check for ripening every three days - as instructed. We will keep our fingers crossed.

Speaking of fingers crossed. Our little Sierra, whose party we are having today, was over Friday night for a while. She is always hopeful one of the old VHS tapes from the times her Dad was a kid will work in the recorder. She had chosen the Disney movie El Dorado and taking it out of the case, I encouraged her to cross her fingers. Always eager to please, she took both index fingers and placed them together in an X or cross symbol. Wish I had snapped a picture then but here is pretty one of her taken by her Mom.


  1. Sierra is so sweet and I love her long hair! Hope she has a great time at the party. That is precious about her crossing her fingers!

    I remember keeping green tomatoes in brown paper sacks one year to ripen. We had some for Thanksgiving that year.

  2. Sierra is adorable. Was that a birthday party you were having for her? Lucky girl.

  3. Hope you're able to get the tomatoes to ripen up nicely. I've also heard of them being left hanging on the vines and put into a cool garage to ripen.
    Cutie Pie Sierra... would have loved to see her X !!

  4. Her finger crossing actually makes more sense doesn't it? Cute girl!