Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My Grandpa said he once asked a woman how her newly married daughter was doing. Her reply was that she had married the nicest young man who treated her like she was a queen. She continued extolling his virtues with how he had a good job downtown and was so generous he would turn his paycheck over to her every Friday. She beamed proudly as she finished with, "Why, he even brings her coffee in bed every morning before he goes off to work and she doesn't have to stay home alone all day since she can come visit with me in that pretty new car he bought her. Her man is so considerate he usually takes her out for dinner or helps her cook and cleanup if they stay home. And did you see their new house they built up the street?"

Grandpa nodded and agreed that was wonderful news before asking, "Well, how is your son?" Her response to this inquiry was that the poor boy had married a lazy, worthless woman who made him go off to work every day and expected him to turn over all his hard earned money every week. The woman shook her head and persisted with, "She lays up in bed all morning and then drives that fancy new car over to her mama's house to spend the rest of the day there. To top that off, he either has to take her out to eat every night or she expects him to help out in the kitchen after he has worked all day. And the poor child is going to be paying forever on that brand new house she just had to have."

This story has nothing to do with anyone I knew or now know but it occurred to me it could have been written about me. Hubby and I first lived only a couple of blocks from Grandma and, as this was back in the days hubby actually did not want me to work, I would awaken mid morning, clean the house, walk to Grandma's, and stay until time for him to get off work. One of my aunts, who was expecting at the same time as I, was usually there as well. Grandma baked six or so sweet potatoes in the oven every day for Judy and I. I have no doubt the soft, buttery, orange goodness was responsible for our beautifully, healthy babies.

Today is our baby granddaughter, Sierra's birthday. She caught this fish on the Arkansas River all by herself. I think her daddy made her land it after she hooked it. She really wanted no part of it, though. Happy Birthday Sweetheart. We're having a butterfly themed party for her on Sunday.

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  1. Loved the story, so funny how it can sound good or bad.
    Happy Birthday Sierra!