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Monday, November 12, 2012

Uncle Jack's Service During Korean War

My Uncle Jack was serving in the Korean War in November 1951 during the time Monica Lewis and Danny Kaye were touring Korea with the USO. He says he was close enough to the stage that he thought about asking Danny Kaye if he could go back home with him. 

In this cropped photo of Monica's performance, there is a young soldier sitting in the audience with his cap pushed back off his forehead and seated just above the microphone. He looks like my uncle. 

Of course, I do not remember him then as I was a newborn when he and my Aunt Lizzy first met. She waited for his return from Korea to marry him and they now have five children who are my "same as siblings cousins."

Would that not be exciting to find out it was him and we have this photo? I have ordered her book "Hollywood Through My Eyes: The Lives and Loves of a Golden Age Siren" in order to get a better look. 

Regardless...I appreciate his and all of the men and women who have served and are serving in the military to protect our freedom.

Other photos of my uncle serving in Korea can be seen in my Best Friends post.