Monday, April 30, 2012

Missed Opportunities

Hubby and I were both born in the old hospital, delivered by the same doctor, and both mothers were tended by the Sisters there. As we were born three months apart, we did not see each other there.

Remember my $22.00 hospital bill? The room rate was $5.00 a day, the delivery room was $10.00, laboratory was $1.00, and the identification bracelet was $1.00. I am sure his parents received a similar bill.

We started first grade the same year. Nurse Simmons may have given us our pre-registration immunizations at the same time. Perhaps he and his little sister were in that ugly green tiled waiting room as I made my little brother get his shots first. Did my mother nod hello to his mother in the hallway? I think I would have remembered this cute little guy.

My brother and I played tag and caught lightening bugs late into the night with a gang of other kids while Daddy played country-western music with friends around town. Hubby's folks did too but I do not remember seeing them.

Jim Reeves was Daddy's favorite singer. In The Garden was Mama's favorite song. Our friend Debbie sang it at her funeral. I do not remember what we chose for Daddy's funeral.

Don and I both spent every Tuesday afternoon during the summer watching the free-with-six-RC-bottle-caps Strand Theater matinees. I sent my brother all over town scrounging up enough of those bottle caps to get us both in. Was hubby one of the rowdy boys up in the balcony who threw popcorn down on us squealing girls? If we had known each other then, maybe he would have given me a little shove as we waited in line at the concession stand. You know - to show he liked me. I do not recall that happening.

How many times did he ride his motorcycle down Highway 64 in front of my aunt's house as my two cousins and I sat on the storm cellar waving at the then-busy highway traffic? My uncle still teases that we were looking for fellers. We saw a lot of semi's but I do not remember many motorcycles. We probably would have ran screaming into the house if someone on a motorcycle had stopped. He caught chickens for this same uncle once but as I had little to do with the chicken houses, I did not see him there either.

After years of both of us going to Knoxville Halloween carnivals, you would think we would have cake-walked together a time or two. Or maybe sat across from each other in the lunch room for the hamburger dinners they served. I do not remember seeing him there.

Mama talked a lot about the women she worked with at the chicken plant. She frequently mentioned a friend named June and her sister Sue. I remember her saying how pretty June was and how she and Sue were always together. I do not remember her mentioning anything about June's son though.

Although the early part of the seventh grade was a blur, I do not recall seeing a new boy named Don. And though we both walked to the Diamond for a corn dog at lunch from time to time, I am not one of the girls he remembers seeing there.

How do you like the tightly curled bangs in my seventh grade picture? I probably slept with brush rollers in my hair the night before this was made. Or it may have been those pink sponge curlers. See the crocheted chain Grandma made for me to keep up with my locker key. I really worried about losing it or leaving it at home. Mama said I worried about a lot of things.

Although I was very nervous about the first few days at the high school up on the hill, at least I got to go there with the friends I had gone to school with ALL MY LIFE! When Mama and Daddy moved and I had to start a new school in the eleventh grade, I WAS ALL ALONE! I am sorry I was shouting but I really did not want to leave Clarksville schools. 

If we had ever connected in those first sixteen years, maybe my transition to a new school would have been easier. Maybe he would have driven his old car all the way out to Hickeytown to pick me up that scary first day of school. We did go on one date in high school. I cannot remember if it was during our junior year or senior year. And I really do not remember where we went. It must not have been very memorable. 

We may go on a real date tomorrow for our forty second wedding anniversary. If we remember.

Sorry, Been Busy

My azaleas taken last week.

This has been an incredibly busy weekend with no time for blogging - reading or writing. My apologies to all with a promise to catch up with your goings-on soon.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

She's No Chicken - Spring or Otherwise

Remember my post where I called my sister a little chicken. re-read about it here  Well, I take it back. This girl is no chicken.

Last night she brought her still quite ill husband home from the nursing home he has been convalescing in since his stroke. Even after an intense therapy program, he cannot assist with transfers or bear his own weight.

But he is home and he slept in his own bed last night. Way to go little sister!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anti-Aging Cream

I don't usually do a lot of family pictures but this is a picture of my oldest granddaughter, Rachel. She is fourteen. I had to work this weekend so we could not have all the little ones over. As she and her Papa can fend for themselves, she came alone.

After telling her she could use the face cleanser that was on the vanity in my bathroom, she brought it to me pointing out it was anti-aging cream. I told her it was still okay to use. Her response was, "But I don't want to look nine years old!"

If it were only that easy. Five years off with the use of cheap Dollar General facial cleanser.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Too Many Changes

It has been a busy weekend for me. I went back home for a school friend's funeral Saturday.  I should not be going to a school friend's funeral - not for at least another twenty years. Everything about that trip made me sad.

What is up with my hometown anyway? Do we really need a bank on every corner in town? My elementary school was torn down to build a BANK! The Sunny Side Truck Stop is now a BANK! Bet we can't go to the back door of a BANK and get ten of the best hamburgers in the world for a buck. How long before the old hospital is torn down to build a BANK? Didn't we do just fine when the only bank was Farmers Bank which isn't Farmers Bank anymore but I usually still say Farmers Bank?

I guess the old high school will be a City Complex soon. Couldn't they all just wait until I don't remember how things used to be? Someday I won't remember falling down in the dirt and gravel of the steep hill beside the bus garage, hoping no one saw me, and pretending my knees weren't scratched and bleeding when I got to school. 

And someday I will forget sitting in study hall when they announced President Kennedy had been shot. Someday I will forget there even was a President Kennedy. Oh wait, probably when my nurse comes out to give me a mini-mental exam and asks who the President is, I will  say Kennedy.

Speaking of memory.....I forgot today would have been my Mama's birthday.

This is Mama when she was nine months old. Don't you think we should all have our pictures taken in a dishpan? Especially while naked with snow on the ground? This picture makes no sense to me at all.

Friday, April 20, 2012


As soon as hubby gets me a spot cleaned out and kills that snake he says is as big as a fence post, I'm going to start fishing. I think I'll use a cane pole like Mama did.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Growing Up Together

Harry S. Truman was the President of the United States when my uncle was born. Sam was the ninth of nine children and born only eleven months after number eight. 

Did you know Harry S. Truman was born in Lamar, Missouri and coined the phrases, "The buck stops here" and "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen?" He dismissed General MacArthur one month before I was born - totally unrelated. 

Much later, Daddy said Truman should never have fired him but I did not listen to why he thought that.

Sid McMath was the Governor of Arkansas when my then two year old uncle tried to cross Main Street in his endeavor to see why Mama and Daddy had taken "his baby" to Aunt Maggie's little house. 

Back then new mothers stayed in bed for ten days after childbirth. Naturally we went to Grandma's. Mama and Daddy had just left when my Aunt Dorcas and my cousin Jimmy arrived at Grandma's for her ten day confinement.

The year I was in Mrs. Polly's class, Sam borrowed a bicycle from a classmate of his in Miss Kraus' class to get the homework assignment I had left at home. I was glad he did because I sure didn't need to be in any more trouble with my fourth grade teacher than I always was anyway. 

Do you notice this Schwinn is a "Panther?" Would you give $79.95 for one of them now?

This Chevrolet Impala was very popular the year we rode a bus to Oklahoma City. I was thirteen and Sam was fifteen. I do not remember being scared or uneasy about the trip. Although we shared a seat, we did not talk. 

All I remember him saying is, "Get it yourself" when I asked him to go back into the bus stop to get me a comic book. That is the kind of thing you say when you are almost siblings.

What do you think about that commercial? No computer generated special effects there. That girl is really up there - alone.  I think Sam had a car like that at one time. It is my hubby's favorite classic car.

Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "Let it Be" by the Beatles were two of the more popular songs the year Sam was the best man at our wedding. They were drafting way too many of our friends for the Vietnam War then.

A picture of my oldest child and Sam's first daughter in the front yard of the house Grandma and Grandpa bought in the thirties. They were born one month apart and were two of the cutest babies ever. Grandma baked her mother and I sweet potatoes every day while we were expecting.

His fourth child and my second one sitting on the sofa at Grandma's house. My brother's two children are in the center. Four little stair steps. Sam's grandchildren and my grandchildren play together now.

Can you guess how old Sam was yesterday?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Price of Beauty??

This is probably not as harmful as it sounds....or maybe it is. I think there are radioactive particles in ordinary dirt.

What I thought interesting about this video is how the model at the end is cleansing her face. It is just like we were instructed to cleanse as teenagers. Using your fingertips only, gently massage your face and neck in upward strokes.

Side note: I failed my first check off on handwashing in nursing clinicals because I did not rinse the soap off my hands and wrists. You can scrub thoroughly but if you don't rinse well enough the bacteria is still there. I learned my lesson though if you are ever my patient.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paris Fashions From the Fifties

This is how I remember women dressing in the 1950s
Except for the fact I might be deceased now, I would have loved to live in the fifties. Oh wait.....I did live in the fifties. In fact, I lived all but one and a half years of the fifties. I never wore clothes like this though. Come to think of it no one I knew wore clothes like this.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Going To Work

On the way to work but not today
I think there should be a discounted license fee for those of us who have to drive Interstate 40 everyday. Besides the horrible road condition, the people out there are crazy!!

Today's trip reminded me of Mama always saying, "That scared the P-waddin' out of me."  What is P-waddin' anyway?

Monday, April 9, 2012


Sorry I keep changing background colors.  What looks good on laptop looks wrong on phone  or desk top.
Hope everyone had a great weekend. It was a lovely one here.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Traditions

All three of us
I always got a new pastel colored dress and bonnet for Easter. I already told you that though, didn't I?

Grandma and Grandpa picked us up for church on Easter Sunday. Grandpa liked to get there early enough to pray before his sermon.

I didn't much like the hard sugar-coated eggs the Easter Bunny brought. They looked pretty in my Easter basket though.

Our Sunday School teacher used a flannel board to tell us the Easter story. I liked the fluffy white cut-out lambs she stuck on the board.

Sometimes my OKC Grandma came to visit at Easter. Mama cleaned the house top to bottom before she got here.

Although Grandma was Church of Christ, she came to Easter services at our Pentecostal church. We served the same God.

A neighbor's cat ate our Easter chicks one year. Just the little pink and green feathers were left.

Grandpa would read from the Book of Luke on Easter Sunday. Sometimes he cried.

We always had a big Easter egg hunt after church. All the cousins would take turns hiding them again after we got to Grandma's house for dinner. Sometimes we re-hid those eggs for days.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Konstance's Birthday Party

My son and his daughters

We had our second grandaughter's birthday party at the Knoxville park today. Konstance is our "little lady" grandchild and is always pleasant, agreeable, and well-mannered. As she was so long awaited the nursing staff cheered as her Mom and Dad left the hospital. She loved to wear hats and sat with her legs crossed even as a baby. She is loved by all and our blessing from God.

Her Nana had a major "senior moment" today when she forgot to put her birthday money in the birthday card. Don't you hate it when there is no way to hide it?

Time for Kite Flying

Blake with his kite


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Sunday with OKC Grandma

Sorry Little Sister, this picture was taken about three years before you showed up. I think my Grandma from Oklahoma City usually bought my Easter outfits. My dress was a frilly organza or dotted swiss affair with a stiff and scratchy cancan slip underneath. I always got new shoes and socks too. I did not wear one this year but I usually had an Easter bonnet. 

I once asked my oldest grand daughter if she wanted an Easter bonnet. She had no idea what a bonnet is. Now my second grand daughter always wore a cute little hat and loved them.

Grandma is dressed in typical fifties woman attire. She has gloves in her left hand, costume jewelry bracelets, clip-on earrings, and cateye glasses. She was always stylishly dressed. She kept a fur coat in her closet. It was scary to  me.

One year my Uncle Jack bought my Easter outfit. It was a blue dress with daisy trim and white shoes. He would probably buy me one this year if I asked.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Labor Day 2010
I had my son's daughters over this weekend to help clean off the back porch. Well, I didn't have them over just to work but they actually liked scrubbing the lawn furniture and washing the dirt and pollen off the floor. 

It made me remember Mama spraying the front porch with water from a rubber hose trying to cool the house down. I loved the cold water running over my bare feet. I remember her hair in pin curls and wrapped in a chiffon scarf with the cuffs of her shorts rolled up into short shorts.

The library used to be in the Court House downtown. Mama would let me and my brother walk to the library to get an armful of books to read every week. It was always shady and cool as we cut across Filmore Street. The library was cool too but I don't know if it was because it was air conditioned or just because it was in the basement. Mama would have us get her an Earle Stanley Gardner, Victoria Holt, or Phyllis Whitney book. If I brought one home that she had already read, she would say, "I'll just read it again."

After Daddy got off work, he would take us for a ride in the country. Very few country roads were paved back then. We rolled all the windows down and were content sitting in the back with the wind, dust, and Mama's cigarette ashes blowing in our hair. Daddy always knew when a little dip in the road was coming up because he would speed up fast enough to make the car sail through the air. I loved that butterflies in my stomach feeling.

If we had money, Daddy would stop at a service station and let us pick out a cold soda. I was really partial to the 6 oz. Coca Cola's but got a Grapette just as often. Sometimes he would stop at the Frosty Mug for a icy cold root beer. We usually saved that for after a drive-in movie though.

When we got back home, I would get my bath, put on my shorty pajamas, and read Nancy Drew late into the night.

I may not have always been a happy child but I only remember happiness. A gift from "my people."

Monday, April 2, 2012

Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy Stewart's advice to his twin daughters as they left for college, "Be nice to people."