Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Somewhere there is a baby picture of me with my Mama and Daddy. They had me lying on a pillow in a straight backed kitchen chair outside Aunt Maggie's little house. They are both looking down on me and the photo does not show their faces. Of all these old pictures I have, I cannot find that one. It makes me sad. I can't find the picture of Greg and Cassie I have titled, "The Fish Story" either.

So, instead I am showing a picture of my Mama with her Mama. Except Mama always had to call her Mother. She said she would not answer her unless she did. I always thought that strange as we never called her Grandmother.

I don't know why Mama (and therefore me too) was so short. Grandma was fairly tall and Grandpa was a very large man. It is a funny thing about genetics, isn't it? I have uncles over six feet tall and my Daddy was only 5'7". And sometimes those blue eyes pop up in a family of brown eyed children.


  1. I like that picture, and you're right about the height . Your grandma was a tall woman!

    I hope you find those pictures stashed away in a "safe" place no doubt.My husband has been scanning and storing in files so many old family pictures so we can share them with anyone who wants them. I like the way you're sharing your family history on a blog, and I think you'll find out family members will appreciate this too.

    Happy Mother's day!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you . My mother was short, and all the great grandkids would be taller than her by the time they were in 4th or 5th grade. LOL That would just make my mom laugh. Smiles, Susie

  3. I hope you run across the photos you were looking for. You still have more old photos than most do. I love looking at them. Funny, I only called my mom momma or mother, never mom when addressing her.

  4. What a fun picture. And, did your grandmother always wear a dress? My mom did. I never saw her in slacks.

  5. It really worries me when I can't find a photo I know that I have had. Hope you find yours and this is a precious photo. Like Lois, my grandma always wore dresses. I hope you will have a very nice day.

  6. Hah, my mom called her mom 'Mother' was always Mother and Daddy! I love the photo...

  7. Love the pictures! Thanks for your sweet note and I hope you have a very happy Mother's Day!

  8. Happy Mother's Day! I enjoyed the old photos..and yes your Grandmother was tall! :)

  9. Happy Mother's Day. I hope you find your picture, I love looking at old pictures. I've gathered a lot lately, since my daddy passed away. He kept everything.

  10. I said Mother, and her mother was big mama. Funny and my girls call be mother.The grandchildren call me Memaw
    You make me think about my memories.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  11. Isnt it funny how some of the older generations didnt like being called crtain things,I know my mums father whos name was Richard was called Dick even by his own kids,
    I am mum or ma to my kids MOTHER when I do something embarressing lol my grandkids call me gran granny 3 yr old says bran mostly and I get called GRANDMOTHER when they really want my attention.
    Answer to your question yes we have mothers day it was yesterday for us ope you have a wonderful one xxx

    1. Oh and my mum gets called Mumma by the grandkids and great grandkids she was only 38 when my eldest was born and 54 when 1st great grandchild was born.I was a granny at 36 :)

  12. You have so many great photos!
    Genetics are funny - my brown eyed brother and his brown eyed wife have two blue eyed daughters - throw backs from both sides of their families.

  13. Mother was always called Mother unless I was irritated & then it was MOM!!! G'ma Maggie wore dressed & so did Mother until late in life ... I so remember them in their dresses covered with the aprons. They both were short, also.

    Love your photo ... I get really rattled when I can't find a photo. Hope you find yours.
    Have a great day, my friend.
    TTFN ~

  14. My momma always refers to her mom as Mother. If my kids call me Mother they are in BIG trouble! Love the picture of your mom and her mom. Hope you had a great Mother's Day.

  15. Sometimes I pull a picture out of an album and forget to put it back in it's spot. And then it's lost in a big pile of photos and harder to find. It takes me hours to find specific photos that are in the big box of lose photos.
    Yes, it is interesting to see how each generation of babies fits into the family... eye color, height, if they look more like mom or dad's side of the family. But when you take an overall look at a family, one can see so many similarities. My baby sister looks like she could be my cousin's twin, except one has brown eyes and one has blue.

  16. What a sweet Mother's Day post, Rita. Yes, your Mom looks a lot like Rita Hayworth! She's just lovely! I always have called my Mom, Mom, but my grandmother was Grandmother. When my younger sister started calling our grandmother Granny I was absolutely appalled! Grandmother sounded respectful and like an older lady....Granny sounded like something out of the Beverly Hillbillies! :-) Our daughter called my Mom Grandmother also, and then she wanted her son to call me that. But, Grandmother is a big word for a little boy and he only got as far as Grandmama, which I absolutely adore. It's different. And he calls her Mama, so that is nice.

    The genetics thing is interesting, too. My Dad had brown eyes and my Mom has blue. Of we four living children, none of us got blue eyes....I have green, my brother has brown and my two sisters have hazel. Our great-grandmother was 4'11" and our great grandfather was 6'7". That's on Mom's side. Then on Dad's side, there were a few tallies in the past, but of eleven children my Dad was the only child who was tall. The rest of them were short. When we kids were born, we were all relatively tall, although I am the shortest one at 5'6". One sister was tall enough to model at 5'9". It's always really fascinating to me how all that works out.

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! God bless you and your family!