Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chocolate Gravy and Coors Beer

Hubby wrote down this recipe for Chocolate Gravy as his Mother
dictated. Gradually add the milk to the first ingredients,
stirring frequently until thickened.

Hubby and I are staying home this weekend. As we often do when the weather turns cooler, we are watching the Lonesome Dove series. We are starting with Dead Man's Walk today and will progress in chronological order to Streets of Laredo. Although we love Lonesome Dove the best, we do enjoy David Arquette's portrayal of a younger Gus in Dead Man's Walk. This is the one where Gus and Woodrow (I like the name Woodrow) first became Texas Rangers and where Gus first fell in love with Clara.

As it is hubby's favorite, I made chocolate gravy for breakfast this morning. I prefer it served over buttery toast but he was brought up eating biscuits with his chocolate gravy. I am not a cook and although I am able to follow directions on a box, I have no culinary skills. My mother in law, on the other hand, is a first-rate, made from scratch, and plenty of it cook. I am most partial to her pies with the melt in your mouth crusts and piled-high meringues. I love her coconut pie but my favorite is her scrumptious chocolate one. Not only is she an excellent cook, she maintains a spotless home. We stayed with hubby's folks for a bit after we first married. As Mama preferred gardening to domestic duties, I learned how to cook and clean during those few months with my mother in law. As a matter of fact, it was there I learned you clean the bathtub afterward instead of before your bath. That should have waited for My Most Embarrassing Moments post but it seemed to fit here.

Now for a definite most embarrassing moment that I don't remember ever telling anyone. As she had always done, hubby's Mama would prepare breakfast before she left for work. I would usually reheat or finish up the customary oats, biscuits, eggs, or pancakes she made prior to leaving before daylight. One cool fall morning, somewhat like today, I awoke to find hot cocoa already in a pan ready to be warmed.  Old fashioned oats were cooked and biscuits were in a still warm pan with a clean dishcloth over them. I started to heat up the cocoa while setting the table. That cocoa began to scorch and lump up in little clotted balls of chocolate glue. I did not know the hot cocoa was actually chocolate gravy that must be stirred constantly. I threw it out as scraps and never told anyone.

 Mama's recipe Raw Apple Cake

This yummy apple cake is chocked full of walnuts and apples. Hubby peeled and chopped the apples while I mixed the batter. I will give you the recipe in my Family's Favorite Recipes post but wanted you to see the heavy aluminum cake pan my OKC Grandma baked German Chocolate Cakes in for my Daddy when we visited. She baked him the cake and bought him Coors beer. She may have done it just because she knew he like them but I suspect it was a bribe to bring Mama up there.

Now to put it in the oven. I may take a nap.


  1. What a lovely, heartwarming post. I've never heard of choc. gravy! That's a cute story you shared too. That apple cake must make the house smell so cozy! Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. I had never heard of Chocolate gravy! I also can't imagine cooking a large breakfast like that BEFORE leaving for work. I do good to eat my bowl of cereal while making my sandwich and getting out the door by 6:30 a.m..

  3. What an interesting post on so many levels! First of all I am in awe of your mother-in-law, who cooked before leaving for work. I have to assume that it was because the ones that were coming for breakfast were all hard workers and needed something to stick to their ribs. I've never heard of Chocolate gravy - can't even imagine it for breakfast!