Saturday, November 12, 2011

Elizabeth Is Eighteen

Eighteen years sounds like a long time ago. Eighteen years seems like a short time ago.

My baby sister (actually my only sister)
I remember what I was doing eighteen years ago today. After weeks of either hospitalization or home bedrest to prevent a too early delivery of her first child, my sister was finally allowed to get out. I took her to Subway for a veggie and cheese sandwich. She said it tasted so good. Labor started later that afternoon and she was re-hospitalized, medicated to stop the contractions, and put on a tilt-table to elevate her feet. She said the veggies were not as tasty coming back up. Despite all efforts, she delivered a ten week early, 2 pound 15 ounces, beautiful baby girl. My sister had to stay in Clarksville while Elizabeth Ann was transported by ambulance to Children's Hospital in Little Rock. I followed behind the ambulance as far as the Knoxville exit and cried as I watched the red glow of the tail lights recede into the rainy and dark night. 

Here she is while in Children's. I figured out after a while that grandmothers were allowed to hold the babies so we pretended I was Freda's mother instead of sister. Freda is only 9 years younger than I. I'd like to think the nurses were pretending to believe us instead of actually thinking I looked old enough to be her mother.

Here she is on her first birthday sucking on her two middle fingers. She's with my stepmother and daddy. Look how proud daddy is of her. He used to buy her honey buns because he knew she loved them. 

Here she is with mama. She was probably letting her play in her jewelry box. Mama loved jewelry and always wore dangly earrings. Look at the watch or bracelet Elizabeth has on. She still loves jewelry.

Isn't she a little doll. She was/is always so happy. Everyone loves Elizabeth.

I think this is during the time she was in New Hampshire. I sure missed her up there.

She is back in Arkansas here. Hooray!!

The sister cousins, Elizabeth and Rachel, at the beach last summer.
(It doesn't look like it but they do have separate towels.

And here she is.....already 18 years old. Happy Birthday Elizabeth. You are loved by all.

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  2. She's a precious girl - I can just imagine your joy and concern at her birth. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

  3. Beautiful. Happy Birthday Elizabeth! Love you Freda.

  4. What a beautiful post. She grew into a pretty young woman!

  5. I just love seeing photos of people growing up and changing. She would love this also.

  6. What a sweet post! Happy birthday to what I can tell is a much-loved young lady! And, great table decorations!