Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have been thinking a lot about food lately. Although I always think about food, this time of the year makes me remember foods from my past. I remember my Grandmas preparing special dishes or foods for the holidays and special occasions.

My Oklahoma Grandma made her Thanksgiving dressing with what we called "light bread" instead of the cornbread stuffing I was accustomed to. She always made a German Chocolate cake with a coconut pecan icing for my dad. Although she pretended she did not like him, she bought him Coors Beer too. Because she knew he liked Coors.

Because she knew he loved them, Daddy's Mother made him banana puddings for Thanksgiving dinner. The made from scratch pudding was especially good if eaten still warm. Daddy said he also liked my step mom's whipped topping banana pudding.  Grandma made my brother oatmeal cakes with coconut pecan frosting. I wonder if he still likes them? I would make him one if he would come visit. Because I know he loves oatmeal cakes.

Mama started working outside the home shortly after my baby sister was born. Grandma became very attached to her and pretty much whatever Freda Lou wanted, Freda Lou got. Often at some large family gathering, with every dish you can imagine presented, Grandma would fry potatoes just for her. Because Freda loved fried potatoes.
Look at that baby - wouldn't you fry potatoes for her too?

We would often have fried chicken dinners at Grandma's after Sunday church. The whole fryer would be cut up and fried - giblets and all. Grandpa was always given the gizzard and liver because it was his favorite. Years went by before Grandpa announced he had never really cared for gizzards.

Grandma was known for her yeast rolls, pinto beans, and Mexican chicken. But it was often the simpler things that I remember the most. Since my uncle and I had children the same age, we were often at Grandma's at the same time. I can still see Bo and Todd sitting on the bar separating the dining room and kitchen while Grandma made them a bowl of warm oatmeal. Because they loved oatmeal.

Except for the milk gravy Grandma fed me when I was an infant, I do not remember special just-for-me meals. Well....she did make homemade applesauce for me when I was on Dr. Lane's Diet. And....she did bake all those sweet potatoes for me while I was expecting Greg. Because she knew I loved sweet potatoes.


  1. Funny how different foods remind us of people. Guess we all like for someone to "pamper" us once in a while! Hope you have a very special rest of the week!

  2. Just throw caution to the wind sweetie and enjoy your day tomorrow. We can eat healthy later! Heeehehehe!

    Hey sweetie, I couldn't find an email so I'll do it here just in case you didn't find the post where I explain my name Cow Patty Surprise. Ya knew there had to be a story didn't ya! Heeehehe!

    It's under the post: Yippie Tie Yie Yay~Cowpatty


    posted 10/12/2009

    God bless ya sweetie!