Sunday, November 13, 2011


We have had a good weekend. We had fun visiting with friends and family at my niece Elizabeth's eighteenth birthday party Saturday night. I caught up on those chores I wrote about and will blog about it knew I would. On Sunday, hubby and I found a few bargains at a flea market west of town.  We then went to our poor little house where we raised our children, which essentially has become a storage building for items unwanted in the new house. It was kind of sad there but I found several things I plan to list on my soon-to-be-constructed Etsy store. Can you say Fire King? I was trying to find my camera's manual when I ran across my Oklahoma City Grandma's Bible. Do you or did your Mother or Grandmother keep little scraps of paper or mementos in her Bible like mine did? Just let me show you some of the things I found in hers.

A little scrap of newspaper advertising a dress pattern she must
have wanted to try. She was a professional seamstress and
made me so many pretty outfits.

A piece I have seen before but it is so cute finding in her Bible.
I guess we're all a little concerned about our memory from time to time.

I had to stop and think who this was. My Grandma's mother.
We went to Missouri to visit her once. She was blind yet lived alone.
She made us a rhubarb pie.

I wonder how old Grandma was when she copied this
"Got it made at 80" Dear Abby article.

A postcard from her son, daughter in law, and great granddaughter
Important people to her. Note the 29 cent stamp

I can so totally see my Grandma buying this Power Exerciser. She had some kind of
twister gizmo that you stand on and twist back and forth. It was supposed
to whittle your waistline but I don't know how she stood up on it much less
twisted around. (She was probably not as old as I thought she was
then - maybe not even as old as I am now)

But this is what I was so glad to find. I did let her know I loved her
and it was important enough for her to keep. (I wish I only needed
to lose 20 pounds now to go near a swimming pool.)


  1. I keep bits and pieces in the bible too - and if I'd had a letter like that one from a grandchild I'd have saved it too!