Friday, November 4, 2011

The Mermaid Anna

Auntie took a picture of me the day of the River Flotilla that doesn't look too bad considering it looks just like me.

I will use this picture of me for my blog profile.

But I will continue to use this picture of me 
for my facebook profile.

In picture number two my name is Anna. I love the name Anna. There are many reasons I like picture number two more than the first one. These reasons include:
  1. I like the soothing aqua/turquoise colors.
  2. I like the pretty coral flowers in my hair.
  3. I like the way I am underwater yet there are clouds in the background.
  4. I like my king-sized pet goldfish and that he lets me ride on his fin.
  5. I like the glittery flowers growing from the bottom of the ocean.
  6. I like my rose colored cheeks and deep red lips.
  7. I like the way my long and lean tail dips gracefully into the sea.
  8. I like the bangle bracelets I am wearing.
  9. I like how my form fitting corset accents my narrow waistline.
  10. But I really love that it shows off my pretty shoulders and slender arms.
I am not real crazy about how the ugly fish on the bottom keeps stalking me though. I am afraid it is a piranha. 

Now for the truth. Picture number two is not me. Although I do like the name Anna, it is not my name. I am not a mermaid either. I found this painting in a shop I can't remember the name of in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I took a picture of her to show hubby but left without purchasing the painting. I have regretted it ever since. I find myself yearning for the Mermaid Anna.


  1. We each have a secret vision of who we really are, and if the real you is a mermaid named Anna, then go with it! I'm sure the children and grandchildren in your life bring you up to the surface (I almost said 'down to earth'!) on a regular basis!

  2. Yes, it is nice to put a face with your writing. I like the first one better. You've done a lot with your blog; I'm afraid to try to change anything about mine, but I wish I had a better picture.