Saturday, November 26, 2011

Miniature Horse Found

Do you remember me telling you my granddaughter Rachel loves horses? And did I tell you her Papa keeps her well supplied in them? Well, somehow she ended up with a miniature horse named Playgirl. Although the rest of the horses have been moved to pastures closer to where we now live, Playgirl was left on the old farm to be bred with a neighbor's miniature. As I lost that battle long ago, I did not ask why. Playgirl had rendezvoused with her betrothed a year ago without success and another attempt was scheduled. She spent the allotted time at the neighbor's farm, was returned home, and tucked safely away in the lower meadow until she could be brought down to pasture with the other horses.

Alexis and Samson
I am reminded of a cute story about one of the other horses. Rachel and her Papa had bought a mare at the horse sale a few years back who, very unexpectedly, delivered a foal a few months later. When trying to determine paternity, the seven or eight year old Rachel said, "Well, it couldn't be Pepper 'cause he has had his shots." Pepper is hubby's big gelding - who, by the way, is a really good "mother" to all the new arrivals.
Jackie and Beauty
Pepper is checking on Jackie's new foal. Snowflake is curious as well.

Playgirl had been back on the farm only a few days when someone called the neighbor to ask if she knew whose mini that was trotting down the paved road toward her house. Sure enough, Playgirl had escaped her pen and was trying to return to the not so greener pastures two miles away. It is funny to think of a little pony walking alone down a paved road. If she is that determined, we may as well let them get married.

Playgirl at her "new home"

Flash was born the same day Blake was. My birthday too.

And that is not even half of them. Did you know horses eat a lot?


  1. Hello Greetings from Australia, nice to meet you. I love horses, and the foals with their mums are special. I have never seen a miniture horse in real life..I image they are like the dexter cow.
    Flash was a lovely birthday gift for both of you.
    Blessings Crystal Mary

  2. Wonderful horses and I love the names also. It is amazing how much a horse can eat isn't it? And how 'bout that poop?

  3. That was sweet! I can well imagine that horses eat a lot - goats are way smaller and they eat a fair amount. I can just imagine that little horse, determinedly heading down the road!

  4. cute horse stories. We had horses at one time when our daughter was younger. Have a great week. Latane

  5. I had to laugh at the "Do you know horses eat a lot?" Too funny, and not so funny, I'm sure to the person feeding them! Nope, we've had a big dog and that's anough of a chow hound for us!

    When I was a child I wanted a horse SO badly! I remember trying to convince my parents (when we liven we lived in an upstairs military housing apartment) that Shadow, the pony I wanted could be kept in the bath-tub! My husband has never let me down on that one! :-) Later when my Dad retired, my siblings all got horses, but I wasn't sad that I had missed out. I had moved on. I still think they are very beautiful, though and love to visit them...where someone else feeds them. :-)