Friday, November 11, 2011

No Weekend Blog Reasons

I took some pictures to show you why I won't be blogging this weekend.

See the streak down the window? I'm not sure whether
it is on the inside or outside or what it is or what caused
it - a true mystery I need to solve.

These insects are trapped in a spider's web just outside
the utility room entrance - I really should try to
release them.

Some of the bikes have fallen and can't get up - I'll
help them.

Oh, my! A light dusting of snow on lampshade above
my kitchen table - I'll have to see what's wrong with
the air conditioning.

Aunt Lizzy's stool is afraid of what may be lurking
in these leaves - I'll sweep them away from her legs

This fish sits precariously on my living room wall - the
extra dust along the top rim may make it lose its grip.

I really should collect the DNA from my  make-up
mirror - you never know.
(That's just gross - I know)

Poor dinosaur is about to slip into the tub and the
little ponies have been begging to go back
upstairs with the other horses.

My scrubs do not get along well together - I should
really separate them.

Alright, these guys have got to get into formation - a
weekend drill is needed.

They ask every day to get back into bed with us - I will
let them Saturday and Sunday

Poor ripped seam pajama bottom - needs reunited
with top.

I want to read from the Book of Judges - from the
real Book - not my phone.


  1. Excellent post. Made me start looking around at what I can find in my house that needs attention. And, the post was fun to read. See you back on here when you have corrected all those 'wayward children'.

  2. If I were a teacher, I'd say 'you are excused' from blogging! You'll have all of us getting up to see what needs help/DNA collection around our houses!

  3. Well that is a "to do" list if I ever saw one! I don't know what to do about scrubs that don't play nice together thought. All my cloths congregate nicely in a pile on the floor : )

  4. Oh dear, I know what you mean. When you blog, there's little time to keep your house clean and orderly.