Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Happy Family

I am feeling a bit lazy again tonight so I think I am just going to show you some of the family pictures I love the most.

All of my childhood memories are of a happy family unit of five which included Daddy, Mama, me,
a younger brother, and a baby sister. Almost like a Dick and Jane book minus Spot and Puff. We rarely had pets.

 Daddy when he worked at the Lion station on Main Street
Wasn't he handsome?

 Mama goofing off with her brother and brother in law.
She was just a kid herself.

Mama with her brother at Lake Ludwig. They
were buddies. 

 Daddy like I remember him. I'll bet that was
a Camel cigarette.

 Always dressed up for Easter

Mama was forever trying to get my hair to hold a curl.
Aren't my brother and sister cute?

Grandma with me and my sister. I hated those
curtains and that lamp. Would love to have
them now.

Grandma and Grandpa and their nine children.

Little sister. Her daughter is her spitting image.

Mama and Grandma

 My pretty Mama

 Mama and El love their jewelry

Daddy was still a handsome man

And then after thirty four years of what I had thought was a happy marriage, Mama and Daddy divorced. Although I had been out of the home for years, I felt a great loss. But after only a few months of tension, they became friends again. Daddy soon became acquainted with my hubby's aunt, who was also Mama's friend. After asking my permission, Daddy married his new sweetheart. Mama probably would have attended the wedding if they had not eloped to Jasper. We began to share holidays, birthday celebrations, weddings, and other life events as a happy family once again.

All together for my son's wedding. Hubby's parents
and Granny, my Grandma, Mama, Sue, Daddy

I met a friend in my new blogging world whose post filled my eyes with tears and brought to my mind the loss of my Mama and Daddy. (You may have to go to bottom of page and turn my playlist off when reading Debbie's post)   Link here to read her account


  1. These family photos are a real treasure. A reminder of all the people who came before you and loved you more than anything.

  2. What wonderful memories you have in those pictures. And, yes, your Daddy was one handsome man.

  3. I love looking at old family photos! And that flower wallpaper - reminds me of the living room in my childhood home!

    From Another Rita!!