Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Tribute To Andy Rooney

 I'm not sure how CBS is ever going to find me way down here in Arkansas but I could be their next Andy Rooney.

I will list the attributes we share.
  1. Andy was an American journalist. I am an American and I have a blog.
  2. Andy was a war correspondent. A correspondent is one who communicates by letters. My post about war veterans had a lot of letters in it.
  3. Andy wrote short commentaries sitting behind a walnut desk. Although the desk I had in the Clarksville unit was metal, it had a simulated walnut veneer top.
  4. Andy's eyebrows were grey and bushy. I have three eyebrow hairs (on the same eyebrow) that are extremely long and grey. 
  5. Andy was often called grumpy or blunt. My middle name is Grumpy - from the Blunt side of my family.
  6. Andy once said that the pencil that comes in an expensive pen and pencil set is never satisfactory. You have to be able to sharpen a pencil. Note the picture of my many sharpened pencils.
  7. Andy remarked on trivial, everyday items. You can't get more trivial than pencils.
I hope they let me record from my home. I'm not sure I will like living in New York City.

*Disclaimer* The picture of the pencils was taken at 3:28 PM while I was still on my afternoon break.


  1. You have me smiling tonight! I'm sure they will find you and figure out a way for you to work from home!

  2. LOL -Cute post. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. You are a talented and entertaining blogger.