Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Check out this article in my 1953 Good Housekeeping magazine I found at the consignment store.

Can you imagine?  Unfortunately, I can. My OKC grandmother wore this type of girdle. How did they walk in them? How did you get out of them? What kept it from creeping up your thighs? Oh, I see. It has garters you attached to your nylon stockings that I imagine held the girdle down while holding the stockings up. 

Although I want no part of being trussed up like the Thanksgiving turkey, I expect I would eat a lot less if my stomach was all squashed in. In fact, I once heard someone say spandex is the cause of America's obesity crisis. Nursing scrubs are notorious for the capacity to "give" as well. One of my nurse friends said she knew she had to start changing her eating habits when her scrubs started getting tight. I, for one, am going to worry about all of that after Christmas. 


  1. Yes, I remember these too. I am old enough to remember garter belts and then the wonders of the 'panty girdle' and (JOY!) pantyhose!!

  2. No thanks!!
    I never want to wear a girdle, or shape-wear, or anything that's going to squish me :)

    Elastic IS our friend :)

    I too will worry about being in shape; after Christmas.

    Have a great day my friend :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I am so glad they have gone out of fashion!! My mother used to wear one that hooked up and looked like armour. She never went out without it on even in the heat of summer...her stockings and a hat were also a must. We have come a long way since then, thank God!

  4. I remember looking at these in the catalog when i was really little....I couldn't wait to grow up and wear one! By the time I grew up I wouldn't have wore one for money.

  5. These Girdles crack me up!! I feel all sweaty and itchy just looking at them!!

    I'm all about a good old comfy pair of sweats, tube socks and an over size sweater. Now thats fashion!!


  6. My mother and my sister wore a girdle back in the olden days (1960s.) I think Spanx are just a different version of the same thing. Funny post that made me recall a fond memory. Thank you! ;)

  7. My great grandmother was a little like Scarlet O'Hara from Gone With the Wind -- she had a 19" waist. Then she had my grandmother. She decided having more children wasn't worth the cost to her waist. I wonder what that says about my waistline since I have 4 kids.......

  8. I'm with Debbie, above! I may not be the height of fashion or even look particularly attractive, but I. AM. COMFY! (I think that says something about my age, too...)


  9. My dear mother squished herself in one of these for years. Nope, not I...give me freedom.

    Heck, underwear is optional here in the Ozarks. Heeehehehe!!!

    God bless ya and have a beautiful free flowin' kinda day!!!

  10. I'm with you...I am promising myself (and hubby) a complete change in our eating habits after the first of the year! I just can't deal with it right now! I remember wearing a little small girdle a long time ago and it was horrible. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to wear something like this one in the ad! :-)

    Thanks for your comments on my blog!

  11. My mother wore a Girdle everyday with Hanes nylon stockings and a full slip she was beautiful