Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Little Decorating

I just have a minute for a quick word. I am getting behind on reading my blog list - duty calls elsewhere. I will be glad when I retire so I can read your blogs and write my posts all day. That is how retirement works, isn't it? My daughter in law came down yesterday to decorate a little for me. I am almost a minimalist so I don't have a lot of fluff in my home. I do like seeing what everyone else has done
with their decorating - fluff and all. Maybe I just don't like taking it back down. 

I need to insert a memory here after re-reading the first sentence. Shortly after Grandma's oldest daughter married, she moved far away to California. She raised all three of her children there before returning to Arkansas. She and Grandma exchanged long newsy letters routinely that often started - just a quick word.
They usually ended up long words. Kids today could never survive with just letters coming through the mail two weeks apart.

I love turquoise and aqua. Need to find a bird
for the cage - not a real one.

Bear and cowboy snowman on the old metal
stool my grandpa made.

Can you tell the tree skirt is my friendship quilt?
Probably not a good idea on the front porch but
it is pretty.

We have been in the house over a year and
have yet to build a fire in the fireplace.
Hubby can't seem to bear starting the
first one. I am buying electric logs for
the holidays.

Okay, this is a little strange. See the little monkey on
the mantle. He has been there ever since we moved
in. I don't know for sure how he ended up there but
he seems to like it. I'll just decorate around him.
Back to my reading. Everyone leads such interesting lives.


  1. Your stories are always so interesting - I guess it`s the same for all of us. Your decorations are pretty - but then they`re my sort of style, so I love them.
    Letters - they seem like something from the Dark Ages, but I still love to get something written by hand.

  2. I completely understand your decorating philosophy. I have so many decorations, but this year, the decorations have been limited to what I feel I can reasonably take down and put away after the holidays without dread. I am wanting to spend my time more with the PEOPLE in our lives rather than decorating and un-decorating. That is becoming more & more important to me. ( I must be getting older)

  3. I forgot to mention I very much like the table & bird cage and your fireplace is very nice & festive! The quilt looks like a real treasure, you have decorated with your best there.