Saturday, December 3, 2011

Merry Christmas To Me

Work is so interfering with my newest pastime - reading everyone's blogs. I just have to work tomorrow and then no more weekends until after the New Year. I did high-tail it to Clarksville today to check out some old magazines I had heard about at a consignment store. JACKPOT!!!!!!

You should be able to enlarge the picture to see the cover of this 1964 issue of Good Housekeeping with celebrity cookbook recipes from Mrs. LBJ, Bing Crosby, Doris Day, Tony Curtis, Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Peggy Lee, Deborah Kerr. I cannot wait to check them out.

Look!!! January, 1953!!! So sweet. An early Christmas present to myself.


  1. Oh, I am envious....those look very interesting. Enjoy!

  2. We are a kinder spirit, I love old magazines. When we retired and down sized to a smaller home. I had to give away all of my World War II(1939-1950)I had every month of those years. Good housekeeping and more magazines. Wish I had known you then I would have givin the many heavy box's to you. My husband hated them.I kept 4 called The Delineator 1924-1917-1914-1912. Large magazines 16 by 11 in size.One 1910 Woman's Home Companion, one Woman's Weekly 1919 and a Hygeia The Health Magazine 1931. one Trained Motherhood a 1900 Journal. It is time for me to get them out and read them again, now that you have reminded me of them.

  3. They are wonderful and you will get a thrill out of reading them.

    My mother has gone into a Nursing Home and while clearing out her things I came across some wonderful old magazines.. One article on nursing a sick patient, tells you to always whisper and walk on tip toes not to distress the sick person. How much we have changed today.

  4. Oh, you will have to share with us :)

  5. Aren't early Christmas gifts the best??!!

    I LOVE your old magazines. I have some myself, from the 1906's ... somewhere.
    Pretty certain that they are still packed.

    As for the electric pressure cookers... they are awesome!
    I found mine at is just 4 quarts. Perfect for the two of us.
    There is also one that I saw at is a 6 quart cooker.
    Mine has a browning feature, slow cooker feature, warming feature, timed feature, and of course the pressure cooker feature.
    I tell ya... I don't know why we didn't get one a long time ago :)
    Enjoy your week, and enjoy those magazines :)

  6. I hear you! Work cuts into my blog reading time too!

  7. I love those old magazines. I actually got some from my MIL, that I haven't had time to go through yet.