Thursday, January 26, 2012

A China Cabinet In The Foyer?

Here is a picture of my Great Grandmother on her 84th birthday. It was taken in Grandma's little kitchen in Oklahoma City. I now have the china cabinet you see in the background.

Grandma kept an iron woodpecker shaped toothpick holder setting on the buffet. I played with it when we visited. I am not sure where that one is now but my son bought me one like it. He remembered playing with it as well.

Now here is my problem. The foyer is the only place I have to put it without overcrowding. A china cabinet in  the foyer? What about using it as a book shelf? But then what about my Jade-ite and restaurant ware?

Maybe I could just put them in the kitchen cabinets with my melmac and harvest wheat dishes. They would not be displayed though. Maybe I should be selling some of my dishes. I seriously would like suggestions.

I found this aqua egg beater at a flea market a couple of weeks ago. Can you imagine actually using this to whip egg whites? Do you remember how fun they were to play with?


  1. Hey, I still use an egg beater like this :) As for the china cabinet in the foyer, I have a piano in my entrance hall ;) No one ever comes in the front door anyway. I have two pianos; my own and the one that belonged to my parents. Do I play them? Hardly ever; they're both so out of tune it's pitiful.

    Could you show us close-up photos of your china?

  2. I have a large glass cabinet with depression glass, vintage jewelry, 2 vases with flower frogs and some other items in my living room.

  3. So lucky to have your great g'mother's cabinet!
    I love your jadite dishes, too.
    I had a beater like your that I used until it broke-I loved it! I've never seen an aqua one before-very

  4. I'd put it in the foyer and then fill it with a few of your pieces and some books, stacked on on top of one another - or three books with a dish on top etc etc.
    Have fun!

  5. Love all your antique and vintage things. I remember my mother having a beater like yours it was yellow, and yes it was fun to play with it. Wonder what happened to that thing......I have an antique dresser in my foyer with baskets and an old kettle atop mine it was my grandmothers. It's nice to hold on to treasures from family, wheverever it works!!!!

  6. My mom has an egg beater like yours...not turquoise though....I use to love to play with it. The other day I was beating eggs and said to myself, "I really wish I had Mom's egg beater!"
    I'd go ahead and put it in the foyer. It'd be fun!!

  7. I agree with Amy. Put it in the foyer with all of Great Grandma's treasures. You will enjoy it every day when you come through the door.... :)

  8. What a sweet treasure to have!
    I too have some of my grandma's treasures. I even have some of her Jadite that she collected as premiums.

    I think you should put it in the foyer and enjoy it every single day!!

    I think you should always have what you love, and enjoy what you matter what :)
    That's the only 'rule' that I adhere to.

  9. A china cabinet in your foyer? My mom once said that my whole house was a china cabinet!! I've got one on my back porch, so I can't throw stones. I say a china cabinet works where ever you want to put it.

  10. Mama had a red handled egg~beater that I learned to beat egg whites with. Yep, I'm that old.

    Honey, you can do anything your heart desires and your cabinet will be great. Books, greenery, flowers, a little lamp, Grannies antiques or a mix of all. Go wild girl!!!

    God bless and have a great weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  11. Put it in the foyer and display your lovely dishes on it! That way you can enjoy them every day!

    Oh yes, I remember the egg beater!

  12. great collection!!! its really beautiful... following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!

  13. How wonderful that you have her china cabinet! Such a treasure! If you have to keep it in the foyer, so be it. Some things are just too important not to have! But, about "getting rid of" certain that would be HARD!!!! Maybe you could rotate some of them out on display, and keep the others in boxes in the (attic?) six months out of the year, then rotate those out again. We used to do that with our daughter's toys. Whenever we rotated the boxed ones out again, it was like Christmas, because she hadn't seen them in so long!

  14. I wish I had a foyer to put furniture in! We walk right into our living room from the front door. I love your dishes! Especially the Jadeite. And the little woodpecker toothpick holder. Guess what? We have one just like it that belonged to my mother in law. I just love him. I also love the harvest wheat dishes and I have collected them down through the years, especially the bowls and I now have the gravy boat that my cousin got for me at a yard sale.