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Monday, January 2, 2012

Laptop Woes

There is an evil and sneaky key on my laptop that when even lightly tapped will cause everything I have written to instantly disappear and never to return again. I have never been able to catch it in the act because it always happens when my attention is on the screen, on my notes, or glancing at something on the television. I sure wish I knew which key it is so I could tape over it or mark it in such a way as to alert me if I am drawing near. If anyone else has this problem, please advise. I would hate to think it is exclusive to my laptop, my home, or heaven forbid, a problem with the operator.

Look what happened to my Mama's cat eye glasses when I tried to wash them. They must have been held together with dust and grime because they began to completely disintegrate when the cloth and water touched them. The rhinestones on the frames and the rims rising into an upward peak on the edges were very fashionable in her day...not so much so in mine. You probably cannot tell in the picture but the lens were tinted like sunglasses. They did not tint glasses then like they do now. Hers were discolored by the nicotine from her cigarettes. Although I hated that cigarette smoke then, I now feel it was just Mama.

By the way, a future post of mine will be about home remedies. The first one to be mentioned will be how my parents blew cigarette smoke into my ear to soothe an earache. I think nowadays we realize second hand cigarette smoke is a frequent cause of upper respiratory problems in children. Oh well, water under the bridge now.


  1. The difference between now & then. Another 75 years they'll be telling us we should've been smoking all these years ... former smoker here, can't stand the smell. Had not heard the smoke soothed earaches ... did it work?

    Have a fabulous week.
    TTFN ~

  2. The same key visits my keyboard too and deletes entire lines when I'm not looking. If you find it, please let me know! If I find it first I'll be sure to email!

  3. laughing at that mystery key! and home remedy to cure an ear ache? yikes!

  4. It drives you crazy when the puter looses much hard work. There are so great home remedy's but cigarete smoke? amazing.

  5. My 89 year old neighbor talks about the smoke in the ear remedy!

    So sorry about the sneaky key. Wish I could help.

  6. So sorry about the glasses -- I think you might be surprised that this style is now back. Amazing, right?

    Hadn't heard about the smoke in the ear trick. Haha! Hilarious!

  7. Thank-you for popping over to enter my give-a-way. I too am a grandmother of a little 19month old grandson. Passionately in love with this little bundle of energy. Nice to meet you and good luck.

  8. I think your laptop is out to get you. The glasses are neat. At least you still have the "parts". Funny about the smoke. I am trying to imagine it...

  9. You are just too funny! This "operator" has been known to do the same thing. I'm so sorry about your mother's glasses. Is there anything salvageable?

    Hope to see you at Time Travel Thursday this week. Happy New Year!

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  10. Now and then I lose what I've written too. It seems to be a key close to my right hand. We have a new computer and the keyboard is different so I'm constantly making mistakes. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. ;)

    Happy New Year!

  11. That computer gremlin is pretty universal, I think. I get frequent visits too.

    As for home remedies there are some of my mum's that I still use, but cigarette smoke has never been one of them.

  12. So sorry about the laptop key....Sometimes mine does this spinnie little thing and then shuts down. Whenever I see the little spinner I hold my hands up, close my eyes tight, and say, "Please don't shut down, please don't shut down!" It doesn't always work.