Saturday, January 28, 2012


I have trouble climbing bleachers anymore. My legs are too short and my ankles too weak. Why don't they have one of those handy little chair lifts like Dr. Smith has to get up to his dentist office? Not that I have ever used it...yet.

I used to be able to run up and down the bleachers in P.E. class. I did not like Physical Education. I did not like undressing in a room full of other girls. At least our showers had a door on the stall. Hubby says theirs did not. I remember one of the pretty senior high girls always wore a panty girdle. She was thin.

I was wearing a gym suit similar to this when I jumped out of the tree and broke my leg. You can read about that traumatic incident here. I remember it being hard to get out of at the hospital.

Was it a gym teacher that had to quit teaching when she became pregnant? That seems like an odd reason for termination now, doesn't it?

This is the maternity clothing she would have worn. We may not have even known she was expecting.  In fact, I had a dress like the pink one on the end when I was taking driver's education. It was yellow seersucker. I looked like Mama Cass.

I had to take driver's education because Daddy gave up teaching me after only one lesson. Read Here

I nearly ran into the city pool building while taking driver's education. Coach had to brake so hard it is a wonder we didn't all fly through the windshield. We did not wear seat belts back in the sixties.

I do not remember her name but some girl ran into the State Police car when she took her driving test. She did not pass. I even parallel parked correctly and passed on my first try.

Daddy then took me to the County Courthouse to get my license. They asked my height and front of everyone. I whispered 128 pounds. If I weighed 128 now, I would shout it.


  1. this made me smile! i had a PE outfit similar to that one (left-over from one of my older sisters) that i wore sometimes around the farm in summer. by the time i got to PE, they switched the outfits to a horrible polyester striped top and solid bottom w/ a fake fold-over waste. :)

  2. I have seen those jump suits but don't think I ever wore one. You know, I am teaching 2 teenagers to drive right now and it is SO hard! I am always trying to push my foot on the imaginary brake on the passengers side.

  3. I have never run bleachers. Don't like to walk them--terrified of falling down them! My teenage son wants to learn to drive....I already called that I'm NOT teaching him!!

  4. That gym suit made me laugh! My goodness, I do remember wearing those awful things! Loved your "learning to drive" stories, too!