Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Salmon Pink and Grey Car?

This looks like a picture of my Mama's brother Bob. It may be her Uncle Glenn. I'm not sure who the girl is. I do not remember Mama saying she rode on a motorcycle with her brother but she did say she loved riding on her Uncle Glenn's motorcycle. Shortly before she passed away, she asked my husband to take her for a ride on his bike. She chickened out after we got there. 

This picture of me and my OKC Grandma was taken at Lake Ludwig. I look like a little monkey up there. I wonder whose DeSoto that was?

This is an Easter picture of us in front of an old salmon pink and grey Chevrolet car. This is the car my uncle would slide down into the floorboard in fear someone would see him in a pink car.

This is not my "three words the whole bus ride to OKC Uncle." This is the one that took me to the movies one time. Although he did not actually stay in the theater with me, he did come back to pick me up. The movie was not quite over.

My pretty little Mama. This was my OKC Uncle's car. I remember it being a pale yellow. This picture was taken at Lake Ludwig as well. The lake must have been cheap entertainment in the fifties. I nearly drowned at King's Canyon once. Daddy was right beside me so I was probably not actually drowning.

Isn't he handsome? I have pictures of him at the lake with another girl but that is a whole other story. I will not be telling that story. I will say he met his wife on a beach while he was stationed in San Diego. She said the beach was so crowded, there was only room to lay a towel on the sand. My uncle kept a grenade on his coffee table. He said it was live and I believed him.

This is like the old Henry J Grandpa had while out at the farm. It is the one we had to push across the cattle guard and off the hill so he could get it started. Wheeeeee! Was that ever fun! I would never let one of my grandchildren do that now.

This is like the green Corvair Daddy tried to teach me to drive on Shoe Plant Road. You know, the time my brother pushed my little sister down in the backseat floorboard while he wore a football helmet.

This is the '66 Chevrolet Impala we had when we married. This may have been taken around the time hubby decided to change the transmission from standard to automatic while on a weekend pass from Fort Leonard Wood. As he did not have time to get it completely changed over, I was left with trying to figure out the odd sequence needed to change the gears with a mere metal rod sticking up out of the floorboard. Hubby has yet to give me an adequate explanation why he did that to me.

Hubby still grieves over selling his '36 Ford. It was yellow too. I wish my daughter was this young again. Well....maybe not.

I drive an ordinary Chevrolet Trailblazer now. Can you even buy a pink car anymore?


  1. Oh, what a lovely walk down memory trails ... & such lovely cars as a back drop. That motorcycle is a classic.
    Yes, Mary Kay products still has pink cars.

    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. What wonderful cars! Regarding pink and gray, my living room and dining room were those colors when I moved in. The place looked like a morgue.

    Regarding cars, I remember my brothers yellow with black top Oldsmobile convertible. And, I remember my parents 1948 Buick in "gun metal" color. I guess that was popular after the war.... We had that car for a long time.

    Love your series of images!

  3. I remember those cars and all of the pink and gray and the green, gold.
    Now you know I am old.

  4. Love seeing your pictures of the old cars. It's funny, but I remember a lot of family events in relation to the cars we had at the time. I don't know if you can even get a pink car now, but I've had my eye on a 1965 baby blue Mustang for quite some time now.

  5. I think I learned to swim at Kings Canyon! It was a great source of relief from the heat after working in the fields.

  6. re the boots I know cray right? They were in the half price box even $2.50 was way too cheapbut I wasnt going to quibble.Maybe coz its summer here and they wanted to get rid of them? so not complaining tho lol

    I so love your family stories and pics they always make me smile.I so want a 50s Holden ute(google it) I can see why hubby would be sad about that yellow beauty.

  7. Pink car? I see one every now and again, and when I do it's always a new-ish one. I guess you have to order that colour specially.
    I remember my uncle coming to visit once in the 60's. He drove a turquoise land boat - convertible with the biggest fins I've ever seen.

  8. What a great tribute to family and great cars!!!

    Yep sister, ya can still get pink cars. Mary Kay cosmetics still present the 'pink car' to top sellers.

    God bless ya and have a beautiful week!!! :o)

  9. A fabulous post! I love those old cars (old as me, so I guess I'm old too.) I miss the pastel yellows and pinks and blues and greens. They should bring those back! :)

  10. Wonderful images of your family! I simply love looking at old pictures. My hubby would love the old cars in those images. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many vintage cars that man has owned. Of course, they weren't all considered vintage when he was driving them. ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  11. Aww. It‘s really nice to see those vintage cars. Your family is very fortunate to have those during their time. They have been with you guys while you were growing up. I’m sure you’ve made really good memories with them.

    Patrick Gauer

  12. Old cars bring a lot of memories, eh? I remember the car my grandpa had years ago. I can’t remember what model it was but it looked so big, and if I remember correctly, its color was pastel blue. He used to bring me to school with it. Anyway, I agree with Nancy. Car companies should really bring back pastel colored cars.

  13. Funny how your uncle didn’t want to be seen in a pink car! Do you still have these cars in your Nana’s garage? If you do, you can have these cars restored and maybe even get them listed in one of the biggest vintage car parades in your town.

    Stelle Courney