Friday, February 3, 2012

Armadillo Fight

One thing I love about reading everyone's blog is they often remind me of something similar. That is what happened when I read Charlotte's account of the various birds and animals she sees on their farm. Read her account here.

Hubby has hated armadillos ever since they crossed the Texas/Arkansas border. I am not trying to  disparage Texas or Texans but as the armadillo crossed the Rio Grande, they must have come from Texas. Read origin of the North American armadillo here. Wherever they came from, they have been the bane of my husband's existence for years and he has tried to do his part to eradicate them from the Arkansas River Valley area.

Back at the old place, anytime hubby would come running into the house around dusk I knew he was after his gun to kill some varmint. His main complaint with the blasted armadillo is that the yard and pastures are not safe for man or beast with all the holes they dig. (Used in that context, Grandpa would consider blasted a swear word.)

So I knew what was up when one evening around dark, hubby ran into the house and right back out with his .22 in hand. He did not see the young man at the foot of the steps and almost ran smack dab into our daughter's date. I do not remember whether hubby got the armadillo but Laura did not get that boy.


  1. Cute post! That poor young man was probably pretty rattled by his run-over by your husband! :-) Armadillos are fun for people who aren't used to seeing them. Once we saw two coyotes after an armadillo that kept flipping in mid-air to avoid them! It was interesting to watch!

    Thanks for your comment on my post!

  2. Blasted armadillos! I remember the first time I ever saw one. I was a little girl -- some men had caught one and were holding it up by the tail. It squealed something awful! Then when we were getting a Christmas tree and found the skin of one. Gross!!

  3. What a great memory you have shared! Enjoy the weekend.

  4. LOL! Great story! It reminds me of an armadillo story of my own. I may have to post that on my blog and keep it going...

  5. This all sounds rather bloodthirsty to me!
    I know nothing about armadillos, I'll have to look up why they need exterminating.

  6. I did not know they were such a pest...