Friday, February 24, 2012

Fifties Fashion

Maybe I will drag myself out of the fifties sometime this summer. Now I'm into fifties fashion. I never had any of these dresses nor did I see anyone in these dresses. Well maybe the little white with blue flowers sleeveless dress. Mama made most of my clothes.

This is a Balenciaga design with the wide collar look he was famous for. I was thinking how the models and actresses in the fifties had a little more meat on their bones until I saw the collar bones on this girl. Look at the cigarette in her hand. No wonder our parents got so addicted to cigarettes. It did look glamorous.

You can forget that "create a slideshow with Picnik" bit 'cause they're closing in April. Everything is free until then though. 


  1. Great slideshow! I love fiftes fashions -- what I don't love is that to wear them I'd need serious corsetry.

  2. Oh, I remember those fashions. I had three older
    sisters who wore these styles. They really knew
    how to dress back then!

  3. I remember a lot of the clothes my mother used to wear in the late 50s and early 60s and I remember loving that style! She didn't have anything as glamorous as some of these magazine photos, but she did have some really pretty clothes. Part of me wishes we still dressed like that...part of me wants to sit here in my shorts and T-shirt (I peeled off my church clothes the minute I hit the door!)