Monday, February 20, 2012

A Hermes Bag

I did a piece during my OB rotation in school about how pregnancy practices have changed over the years. My Grandma had all but the last two of her nine babies at home with no prenatal care and Grandpa in attendance with each birth. When Mama had us, she was sedated throughout the delivery and Daddy stayed in the waiting room. That was the stereotypical portrayal of births on television during the fifties and even into the sixties.

Pregnancies were not as publicly celebrated as they are today. I ran across this article about how Hermes bags are made and how the Kelly bag got it's name. Princess Grace using Hermes bag to hide pregnancy. I thought it interesting that this particular style of bag became know as the Kelly bag due to her use of it to hide her pregnancy. It does seem odd today that a pregnancy needed to be hidden.
Hermes Rouge Garance Togo Birkin 30 Satchel Handbag
I can probably find the website where this Hermes
bag is for sale for $12,995.
Oh, by the way...Mama said that they were expected to stay in bed 10 days after the baby's birth. No getting them up out of the bed ten minutes after delivery.

And another thing...I do not own a Hermes bag and I was not shopping for one.


  1. Well I'm relieved! When I saw that bag in a post with your name on it I thought I'd seriously misjudged your blog! Thank heavens it was as real and down to earth as I've come to love it.

  2. I would say things have changed quite a bit! Glad you set the record straight about NOT shopping for the bag yourself!

  3. ha ha! thanks for explaining you weren't shopping for a hermes bag! :)

  4. Gee.. it almost makes me want another baby....ONLY if I get the bag :)
    Just kidding.. at my age, I'd make the 6:00 news before I'd have a chance to enjoy the bag!

  5. I agree with Mildred~ things sure have changed! Very neat about the bag~ I've never heard of one.
    I remember hearing my grandmother jokingly refer to maternity clothes as a "hatching dress"... *giggle*

  6. I wouldn't have minded ten days in bed afterwards, with just a baby to cuddle and none of the work!

    Hermes bag! I don't think I'd bother, even if I had the cash.

  7. It's pretty! But it must be a big bag. I was as big as a house when I was pregnant!