Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Loved Loretta Young Too

I wonder if I could get by with a picture of her
as my profile picture?
I did not realize I had word verification on my blog....I did not ask for it. As I have not had problems with robots and with a little help from my friends, I think I have removed it. Please advise, if not.

Oh, that reminded me of my grandson who did have a robot problem. We were talking about how he wasn't afraid of anything. He said, "Yeah, huh Nana - wobots." All the grandchildren said "Yeah huh" from time to time.

As an apology, I present....Loretta Young. Don't you agree she was lovely?


  1. well, let's just test this thing, shall we?!

  2. hurray!!! it's off! :) big smiles from me!!!

  3. I adored Loretta ... there was such a peace & beauty about her.
    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~

  4. This word verification thing is terrible now; I can't make out the letters to write a word! I hope enough people complain so they'll change it back. Why do we even need verification anyway?

  5. Thank you for removing the word verification! One word was bad enough, but two words was awful, especially as they were very difficult to see!
    I loved Loretta Young too - what an elegant and gracious beauty she was.

  6. Loretta Young was very beautiful.

    Wishes for you to have a blessed Sunday!

  7. I remember black and white reruns of her Loretta's TV show as she swept into the room in her long flowing gowns. :)

  8. I am not a "wobot"! Yeah for no word verification. Loretta Young was very beautiful.

  9. I remember watching The Loretta Young Show on TV as a child. You know what I miss (your posts have sure brought back some memories for me!) I miss my paperdolls! I had wonderful paperdolls of so many of those old stars when I was a child, and they are all gone. I think sometimes I am going to go on ebay and find some to buy to replace them!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yep, those saguaros sometimes do look like they are holding their arms up in a robbery! I plan to do a post of different saguaros some time soon. They are fun.

    You are right about the changes in attitudes about pregnancy (and delivery!) Now you might see a bare belly peeking out under a too-small T-shirt. No one cares about hiding it anymore.