Thursday, February 16, 2012

An Oil Change

I rarely get a Valentine's card from my hubby...but he always changes the oil in my car.

He rarely buys me candy either...but he always saves the last Twizzler in the package for me.

I do not remember him buying me many cut flowers...but he digs the holes to plant my azaleas.

He does not take me out to eat much...but he never complains if we have scrambled eggs for supper.

We do not vacation together very often...but he will travel anywhere I am to change a flat tire on my car.

He sometimes tracks mud in on my clean floors...but he takes his boots off every night at my house.


  1. Here's too a woman who obviously knows what she's got!

  2. All better than flowers, or chocolates, or anything
    material. I think you've just spelled, 'thoughtfulness' and 'caring'!

  3. Sweet post - yup they certainly show they care without the need for big romantic gestures - my hubby does all my car stuff too :o) Scarlett x

  4. It's all good!

    I gather Twizzlers are a treat for you as well. They are a favorite 'traveling treat' for us. My hubby and I always share Twizzlers when we go on a road trip.

  5. Aww...he's a sweet guy! I have that kind of hubby too....we never think about Valentine's Day anymore and I can count the times I've received a bouquet of flowers from him in the almost 45 years I've known him on a single hand, but he does a million thoughtful things for me every week of our lives!

    Thanks for your comment on my Fences post. Believe it or now, there is a much more elaborately decorated entire fence just across the road from that one. It catches ones attention so much that I completely missed the iris gate the first time I drove by that way. I will be posting the other one later...they might have been made by the same artist. I can imagine the people at the iris gate seeing the artist's amazing fence and asking if they could commission the gate. But, I don't know if that's what happened....:-)