Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wear The New Flannel Nightgown

My beloved Grandpa and Grandma
I just read "why the name" on Carole-Anne's Use The Good Dishes blog. Read her explanation here. It brought to mind my little Grandma whose favorite gift was a new flannel nightgown. She had gowns in many colors and styles with various ribbons, bows, and trims. She kept them neatly folded in a dresser drawer, yet she rarely wore the new ones. Someone teasingly asked her if she was saving them for Grandpa's second wife. Grandpa passed away first and when Grandma did her dresser drawer was full of new flannel nightgowns.

My kids will not find any flannel nightgowns tucked away when I am gone.  I do not care for flannel.


  1. I only wear flannel when I'm away from home on my own, as I get cold. That was such a sweet story of your grandmother.

  2. Such a sweet memory...for me...drawers full of sweatshirts...I may need to update my night style a bit!!! LOL!!! XO, Aimee

  3. This made me think of my grandma; she always said she didn't want anything for her birthday from her kids far away, but she'd send us to the mailbox, about 1/2 mile away. She also had a dresser drawer full of pretty slips and nightgowns that she never wore.

    I don't like flannel gowns either, now that we use flannel sheets; I can't turn over without the gown wrapping around me. lol

  4. We used to always use the good dishes and the good silverware because everyday was special. My kids didn't even know there was such a thing as "good dishes" because we ate on them everyday.

  5. Hmm.. I haven't thougt about flannel nightgowns in years and years.
    I don't like them now for the same reason ... they twist up in the sheets :)

    Great post!

  6. Isn't it funny the things people do sometimes? I have known people to save their good nightclothes just in case they had to go to the hospital. That isn't such a bad idea, except--well, what if you never had to go?

  7. Oh my, this is so my mother. She has the "good" gowns and the "good" robe all ready for any trip to the hospital. :)
    I don't like flannel either-