Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red River Valley

We have enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon watching it rain and catching up on old movies I have DVR'd. We first watched The Grapes of Wrath and then The Sacketts. I have been in a Tom Selleck mood and just finished watching his Jesse Stone series. Even though both of the movies we watched today are from different time periods, they both featured the song Red River Valley. 

That song always reminds me of when Dr. Manley and Dr. Shrigley (I always want to add old doctor when I say their names) were preparing to set my broken leg the summer I turned thirteen. As I drifted off to sleep,  I heard Dr. Shrigley singing Red River Valley. I have wondered why that song was on his mind. Did he listen to one of Marty Robbins records? Had he seen an old western at the Strand theater? Did he hear it on this Roy Rogers film by the same title?

Ranchers, with the help of Roy, raise money to build a reservoir but lose it to a gambler through a crooked stock deal.

I remember dreaming of a green pastured valley with horses drinking from a stream that I had imagined looked like Spadra Creek. I had posted this memory earlier with a YouTube video of Marty Robbins singing the song. When I attempted to repost, the video had been taken off YouTube for copyright infringement.

Copyright issues.......I am still struggling with it. I am afraid to download anything that does not plainly say Public Domain. If you want to muddle through all of the old newsreels, television programs, and commercials there are Free downloads from Universal. I got the Roy Rogers show there. They have some old George Burns and Gracie Allen shows there too.

Here is a picture of the Red River least that is what it said on Dreamstime where I buy a few pictures from time to time. I do not know how to make a smaller picture enlarge but I do not think the animal off to the side is horse. 


  1. That was song that was always sung in the choirs and glee clubs that I was in as a girl. I still know all the words - the tune is firmly in my head now, after your post.

  2. Love the photo. It really is a red river.

  3. It was a wonderful lazy rainy Sunday afternoon! It was great to catch up on some rest after the time change!

    Also we have been honored with the Liebster Award and we are passing it on to you! It is on our post from today. You can check it out at Hope you have a great week! ~ Barbara and Alicia

  4. That movie is a blast from the past. I remember watching Roy in the fifties. I couldn't sit through a whole one now though. That sure is a red river and the animal looks like a cow. When yo post a picture click on the picture and a bar appears where you can choose the size of the pic.

  5. What wonderful memories you've stirred up. My Mama would never miss anything that involved Roy Rogers or Dale Evans and she sang all those old songs too.

    Thanks for the memories!

    God bles ya and have a sunshiny kinda day sweetie!!! :o)

  6. 1st time I have seen a pic of that river never thought to look for one even tho I remeber the song I was a great lover of westerns as a kid xx