Monday, March 12, 2012

Roo Is Driving

My son-in-law sent me this picture of our oldest grandchild LEARNING TO DRIVE. How on earth did I get old enough for that? 

Her little brother once said as I was chauffeuring him around, "Nana, when I get big and you get little, I will drive you." He is also the one that says I can move with him to Miami when he gets grown. We are going to have a condo on the beach.


  1. They really are never old enough if you ask me - and you don't want to ask me. Miami sounds great : )

  2. These sweet little children ~ don't they just warm your heart!

  3. You'd better get a recording of that!!
    Your g'daughter looks like she is concentrating very
    intently! I bet she'll do just fine.

  4. How quickly time passes by!
    Love that you are going to be condo living with the grands... someday :)

  5. We have one driving too..unbelievable! Her Grandpa was very brave and let her drive him to the grocery store..through heavy traffic:(

  6. This is quite a milestone! I dread when my grandson learns to drive. I only barely survived my daughter learning years ago! Though she ended up being one of the best drivers I have ever seen...those first few weeks were a little scary! How sweet that your grandson said he will drive you around someday. I tease my grandson that he will have to drive me down the street when I get old! :-)