Thursday, March 8, 2012

Seventies Memories

I do not remember much about the 1970s. What memories I do have are spotty - somewhat like childhood memories. I think childbearing and child rearing causes amnesia.

Taken at the old church. Our pictures got lost in the
mail. Glad we had Polaroids.
Although I do not recall a marriage proposal, I do remember a wedding ceremony. Daddy asked if I just wanted to go out the back door. I did not. I remember Hubby being at the church before I arrived. That was the first time he had ever been on time and possibly the last.

We did not have a television when we first married. We went to Mama and Daddy's house to watch Marilyn in the Miss America pageant. It was the first time I did not have to argue with my brother about whether we would watch the pageant or a football game.

We did have a washing machine though. Grandpa vouched for us with Mr. Hammond to get a new washer and pay it out. It was a Whirlpool washer that lasted about twelve years and was our first purchase on credit. I washed my dry clean only dress on the gentle cycle. It shrunk to about two feet long. Same width but really short.

I remember having all day long morning sickness for nine months. I lived three blocks from Grandma and walked to her house every day. She made me baked sweet potatoes. The local radio station played Quartet Time around noon.

I remember moving to our own house in 1973. It did not have inside doors and we could walk through the walls. The first water well they drilled was a dry hole. The second one was artesian.

I was afraid to stay there by myself when Hubby had weekend Guard drills. A scorpion crawled up the drain pipe and into my hair as I was washing it in the kitchen sink. We had a lot of scorpions there.

I remember Uncle coming to build my cabinets - in one weekend. He cut his thumb on the table saw and poured salt in the wound. It stopped the bleeding and he kept on working. I remember how proud I was to have them.

I remember we finally were able to buy a black and white console television. I cried as I watched the Vietnam War POWs return home. That was in 1975.

I remember not being able to swallow my birth control pill and it dissolving in my mouth. It was very bitter.

I remember going to Fort Smith with a full bladder when an ultrasound was new technology. They said my second baby would arrive mid-October.

My daughter was born mid-September 1976.

Probably the reason I do not remember much after that is I am trying to block out having this baby take out the scraps. Look how far it was up to the fence line. I would not make her do that now.


  1. several good chuckles in this memory stream. :)

  2. I love reading your sweet memories! And that picture of your daughter is adorable! ~ Barbara

  3. I have blocked the 60's out. 70's were ok. Now I think I will block out 2009---2012. Just kidding my life has been great.
    Love to read about your memories.

  4. I graduated high school in 1970 and started's a blurr!!!

    God married had two children somewhere in the seventy whirlwind.

    I enjoyed trackin' through your memories today sweetie!

    God bless and have a fantastic weekend!!! :o)

  5. It's all very funny now but perhaps it wasn't quite such a picnic then?

  6. Oh, loving your memories...keep them coming.

  7. Oh, loving your memories...keep them coming.

  8. wow look at you Time goes way too fast doesnt it?

  9. Oh, I love these memories! You are inspiring me to post about my own early married years! You look so beautiful in your wedding picture!

  10. You had to have been young to do it all!