Friday, March 23, 2012

Television in the Fifties

Television was big in the fifties as families began to be able to afford this new luxury. It was 1957 before we were able to get a television set of our own. It was a Christmas like event in the middle of the summer when Daddy climbed on the roof to adjust the antennae just right to bring in an almost clear picture of Silver rearing up as the Lone Ranger shouted, "Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!"

1950s TV

I was hooked on television from the beginning and became the family's equivalent of the “TV Guide”. We only got two channels and had our favorites from each one. Daddy hurried home from work to catch the latest “Have Gun Will Travel” or “Rawhide” show. My brother liked "The Roy Rogers Show". I have actually thought about decorating a spare bedroom in a "Roy Rogers" theme. Mama liked Dale Robertson in "The Tales of Wells Fargo". Westerns were big in the fifties.

Me? I liked them all and resented my brother getting to stay home to watch Captain Kangaroo when I had to go to school.


  1. I can remember when our neighbor got the first color tv on the street! I loved all the westerns back then!

  2. i liked bonanza and wagon train and rifleman. :)

  3. I can't believe we were that close and didn't play! We didn't spent much time in Arkansas since it's close and we figure we can visit again before too long. We both absolutely love Arkansas, it's beautiful! Luck you living in such a pretty area!!! I hope your weekend is great and I'll chat with you again real soon!!!'

    Your Friend...Aimee Lane

  4. I remember when our family got a color console tv in the 70s. That thing was big and heavy! I loved watching The Waltons and remember when Little House on the Praire first aired. All of my friends from school were so excited about it! Those were some good family shows! And I remember watching Captain Kangaroo too, and Romper Room! Those old tv shows are the best! Have a good weekend! Looks like we are going to get some improvement on the weather! Yay! ~ Barbara

  5. I remember loving the black and white shows in the 50s. They were so charming and basic and just plain entertaining!