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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Sunday with OKC Grandma

Sorry Little Sister, this picture was taken about three years before you showed up. I think my Grandma from Oklahoma City usually bought my Easter outfits. My dress was a frilly organza or dotted swiss affair with a stiff and scratchy cancan slip underneath. I always got new shoes and socks too. I did not wear one this year but I usually had an Easter bonnet. 

I once asked my oldest grand daughter if she wanted an Easter bonnet. She had no idea what a bonnet is. Now my second grand daughter always wore a cute little hat and loved them.

Grandma is dressed in typical fifties woman attire. She has gloves in her left hand, costume jewelry bracelets, clip-on earrings, and cateye glasses. She was always stylishly dressed. She kept a fur coat in her closet. It was scary to  me.

One year my Uncle Jack bought my Easter outfit. It was a blue dress with daisy trim and white shoes. He would probably buy me one this year if I asked.


  1. What a treasured photo. I remember how scratchy those slips were and how the bonnets "clamped" to either side of my head!!!

  2. how sweet. i do remember my sister and i wore the same easter bonnets year after year...

  3. I used to love my white gloves. My mom had a fur coat once. I would sneak in her room and pet it : )

  4. Lovely picture. What a treasure to have that picture now.

    My mom usually made us girls new dresses, and the boys got new shirts and ties.

    Great Easter traditions!

  5. I remember those dresses - I had a pale pink one with exactly that white collar in organza. We were stylish!

  6. The Easter dresses were always so frilly and special! And I loved the bonnets and even gloves! And little purses and white paten leather shoes! I carried on the tradition with our daughter when she was small, too.

  7. My mom used to always make my sister and I Easter outfits. I realized today that I don't have an Easter outfit this year....neither does my daughter. Shame on me. My grandma always wore gloves and dresses and a hat! I don't remember ever seeing her wear pants.