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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paris Fashions From the Fifties

This is how I remember women dressing in the 1950s
Except for the fact I might be deceased now, I would have loved to live in the fifties. Oh wait.....I did live in the fifties. In fact, I lived all but one and a half years of the fifties. I never wore clothes like this though. Come to think of it no one I knew wore clothes like this.


  1. Not the way we dressed in the fifties, but fabulous clothes.

  2. Darling...
    makes me think of Grace Kelly.

    Loved her in 'Rear Window"!

    I would have loved to have every single outfit that she
    wore in the movie :)

  3. A far cry from what I am comfy in these days!!!

  4. Lucy did!!
    I, too, have thought that would've been a neat
    time to be a housewife instead of a kid!

  5. No lack of style or creativity here. The models are beautiful also.

  6. Oh, I remember those pencil slim skirts, the high heels, the hats... I married in 1950 so I thought I was all grown up and could wear those fancy clothes. I wish women still worn hats!! Dang, wouldn't we be so cute. I would love it.

  7. Such beautiful fashions - I wish we could still dress like that today! My mom had some beautiful ballgowns from that era. When she was finished with them she gave them to me to dress up in - and I would wear them in the garden dragging the skirts on the ground thinking I was a princess - can you believe it!!

  8. I could have sat here and watched this all night! Some of those gowns were pretty enough to be wedding dresses! I LOVE the embroidery-work! Anyway, it was a fairy-tale....mostly worn by models in magazines and on runways....we didn't see our mothers dressing like this, that's for sure. But, I agree--I would go back in a minute if I could have my 25-year-old me and someone would buy me these clothes to wear! :-)

  9. No one I knew wore those dresses either..although I thought they were beautiful...not real practical for regular people:)