Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Price of Beauty??

This is probably not as harmful as it sounds....or maybe it is. I think there are radioactive particles in ordinary dirt.

What I thought interesting about this video is how the model at the end is cleansing her face. It is just like we were instructed to cleanse as teenagers. Using your fingertips only, gently massage your face and neck in upward strokes.

Side note: I failed my first check off on handwashing in nursing clinicals because I did not rinse the soap off my hands and wrists. You can scrub thoroughly but if you don't rinse well enough the bacteria is still there. I learned my lesson though if you are ever my patient.


  1. too funny. my older sister LIVED by noxema cold cream. isn't it odd that it's never seen anymore...

  2. I remember learning the correct technique for washing my face. I, too, remember Noxema! (like TexWis girl)

  3. I think I'm a little scared now! :)
    I tell the kids if they don't rinse all the soap off the dishes, it's like not washing it at all! Guess that goes for hands too.

  4. I'm sure the cosmetics were VERY scary back then (and probably even now!) I think I remember this cosmetic name. I sold Fashion Two Twenty when I was in my twenties and we were instructed to show cleansing and moisturizing this way, too. :-)