Saturday, May 26, 2012

John Wayne's Birthday

It's just me at home all alone today. Well, just me and "The Duke". Turner Classic Movies has a John Wayne triple feature to commemorate his birthday. Angel and the Badman is on now, Operation Pacific is next, then Red River. I'm good. Happy Birthday John Wayne. My page on John Wayne is here


  1. oh, you and my sis in Wis would get along well... :)

  2. (wish i had your email address)

    yes, she's 4 years older than i am (my next to me in age sis - i'm the youngest of 8). she has idolized john wayne her entire life. :)

  3. hah, you are probably watching the same channel my boys are's between that and the movie channel with all the war movies. Enjoy!

  4. Hubby is watching, too!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and listening to the music. I had not heard this vocalist before but sure did enjoy his presentation.
    God bless you this weekend.

  5. We enjoy the old Duke movies, too. :)

  6. Just don't make movies like they used to ~ I'm glad we have the opportunity to view these old movies again.

  7. You sure know how to pick your movies : ) Love the Duke!

  8. We love the Duke at our house too -- if we hadn't been so busy this weekend, we would have been around for the mini-marathon. :)

  9. I love John Wayne so much! Those were the days when you could really respect a movie star leading man and he would deserve it! I miss Charlton Heston and Jimmy Stewart too!

    I don't think our olive trees are the eating kind, just ornamental, though I haven't checked. The "berries" or olives on them are pretty small. I love peaches! Wish I had a ripe juicy peach right now! :-) Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Best wishes my friend--


  10. My hubby is a huge fan of the 'Duke".
    He worked a lot of the weekend, and missed watching the movies. .. shoot and bagooties!

    We did buy him a collection of John Wayne movies; guess he'll have to catch up on movies this weekend.

    Hope this week is a great one !!

    Smiles :)