Friday, May 25, 2012

Lissa Explains It All

My niece, Elizabeth graduated from high school with honors last Friday night. I cried when she was awarded a scholarship to Arkansas Tech.

Today she showed me the neatest website for explaining all you need to know about HTML and a bunch of other things I didn't even know I wanted to know. This is what it is called and what it is. Lissa Explains It All

What is so great about it? It was written by a kid for kids. I can understand it....well parts of it. What is so funny about it? Our children and grandchildren already know this stuff.

I studied a fourth grade teacher's edition math book to prepare for my asset test when I started back to school after our kids left home. Let me tell you people something...fourth grade math today is what I did in high school.

It may even be a little more advanced than what I learned in high school. I failed the one algebra class I took. What is sad though is that I didn't care that I had failed.

You don't have to know algebra to get a marriage license or to have babies.

Maybe Lissa can explain which key I am hitting that wipes out the whole page I have just written.


  1. Thanks! I think I can use this website. Congratulations to Elizabeth. What a bright and lovely young woman.

  2. Congrats to Lissa! What a smartie!!

    Amazing how quickly technology changes, and how this generation adapts to it!!

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend :)


  3. laughing at you. congrats to your sweet, smart niece. :)

  4. When we watch "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" I see subjects we never studied in elementary school. Kids know so much today! I'll have to check out this website.

  5. Congrats to a precious niece!

  6. Maybe Lissa can explain why I can only see part of the photos on people's blogs! :-)

    I know how proud you are of your wonderful niece!

  7. Oh my, congrats to Eizabeth, and wow she looks a lot like you!