Monday, May 7, 2012


Our oldest granddaughter went with my mother in law and I to Knoxville Cemetery's decoration this weekend. It will be up to them someday.


  1. Beautiful images with the morning sun.

  2. It's nice that you are setting such a wonderful example for them.

    I think these younger generations are losing some of the respect for the older generations.... seems that they can't be bothered.

    I hope that one day, my grand (if I ever get any..LOL) will do the same for me :)

    Warm wishes...

  3. I went with my mother and she would tell me about the people she remembered, guess that is why I like to go to old cemetery's and look for family members.
    Now so many in my family are choosing cremation.

  4. The light and the flowers are lovely - very special photos. I find old cemetery's very peaceful too but like Patsy my family's tradition is for cremation so I have no graves to visit.

  5. What a lovely tradition.
    I was happy to learn that my daughter and her fiance visited the family gravesite when they were on the mainland recently - I'd never have expected that they'd remember.

  6. You can still have a headstone even if you choose cremation..and a small amount of your ashes can be buried. We will visit some of the graves just prior to Memorial Day..and then again a week later to rescue the flowers so the people that mow the cemeteries don't have to trim around them the rest of the summer:)

  7. Decoration is such an important southern tradition. I want my grandson to learn about it too. It's important to remember.