Friday, June 29, 2012

At The Lake

Mama and her baby brother at Lake Ludwig
I have a ton of pictures made at Lake Ludwig during the 1950s. This one must have been taken either right before my uncle left for the Marines or maybe he was in on leave. I don't really remember going to the lake during this time but apparently we often did. It's funny (but kinda' sad) though that daddy is not in any of the pictures. I guess he was working. 

I do remember him swimming with us in the shallow creek at Kings Canyon. I thought I was drowning but daddy was laughing at me when I came sputtering up out of the water. I doubt he would be laughing if I were actually drowning.

Going to the lake was about the only way to stay cool back then. We didn't have air conditioning and didn't always have a fan. I remember having a box fan that daddy would put in the window backwards and when we cracked our windows just a little, the fan would suck the cooler evening air in to cool us as we tried to sleep.

Although I grumble about how dry it is, at least we don't have our forests burning. It will cool off and the rains will come. The ponds will fill up again. The grass will start growing and the farmers will get to put up some hay in time for the winter.

Thank you for your kind comments and well wishes for my brother in law. He is home and being very well cared for by family and excellent nursing staff. 


  1. The only photos of my father are posed or formal because, for all the candid shots, he was the photographer.
    I'm glad to read that your brother-in-law is home.

  2. i agree - i can complain about the dry, cracked ground, the non-existent yard except for crab grass, the pond losing depth daily - but we are not in that wildfire hell that so many others are in. fire is my biggest fear. i cannot imagine what they are going through.

    glad you liked the woodpecker bath. :) and glad your bil is doing better!

  3. What a beautiful photo, and lovely memories too!
    Happy that your BIL is home again, and being taken care of.

    We have had so many wildfires.... scary stuff!
    Another fire started yesterday claimed 3 huge homes, and many out-buildings.
    Sheesh... is there any thing left to burn?!!

    Praying for everyone in the country affected by these wildfires.
    And, praying for a drenching rain.

  4. We did the same and what fun.
    So sad the news all over the country.

  5. I always enjoy your old photos and memories.

  6. When Dad retired and they moved back to the Alabama land (Mom, Dad, and my three siblings, I was already married) there was a creek down below the steep hill on their property and below a neat bluff and small cave. It was hard work getting down to the creek, and even harder getting back out, but there was a lot of joy spending time down there on that creek. We waded and swam and even tried to spear some fish with sticks one time. :-) When I was a kid, and Dad was in the Navy and moving us around a lot, I remember creeks at different places during my childhood, and always with wonderful fond memories! I also remember sleeping with a fan running when we took our afternoon naps. It was all such a special, simple and lovely time....

  7. We went swimming in the evenings..mostly I suppose to rinse off our bodies and cool off..sometimes we slept in the basement it was cooler there. Great old love your Moms shirt! :)