Monday, June 4, 2012

My "Agent O" Hairstyle

Well, I apologize again. I did not get to catch up on post reading again yesterday because we went to the movies to see Men In Black 3.

Agent J has to go back in time to rescue Agent K with most of the movie taking place in 1969. I can remember every hairstyle in the movie. In fact, I wore mine like Agent O's hair.

I asked Hubby if he remembers my hair like this but he gave me one of those looks that I recognize as, "I want to agree with her but I have no idea what she is talking about" looks. I guess I didn't make that much of an impression on him in the eleventh grade.

I also found this picture of me in the first grade. My bangs aren't as short in this picture as they usually were. I did have barrettes in my hair in first grade so why wouldn't Mama buy me a wide one like Susie's in the fourth grade?

The only reason I am including this is that it made me remember I started first grade at Hurie School then went to Michie by second grade to have my group picture taken in shorts. Then I was back in Hurie by third grade to have Miss Misenhimer for a teacher.  Mama and Daddy sure moved us around a lot.

My Aunt reminded me this weekend the first thing Mama did when she moved was put up her curtains.


  1. i liked your description of your husband's look. too funny!

  2. I remember and you sure look cute in both pictures.

  3. I wore my hair in a flip too! Those curlers were real hard to sleep on..most of the time I slept face down..did you use Dippidy do..the pink or the extra hold green?:)

    1. You bet I did the Dippidy Do...seems like pink. I wouldn't sleep in those curlers again for nothing. Neither would I wear a girdle.

  4. Isn't it wonderful to look back on old photographs. I like you hair better now..but that was the go then.
    Your photos are lovely, I think we appreciate having them to look back on as we get older.

  5. When I was in first and second grade, it looked like mom put a bowl on my head and cut off everything that hung below! It was not a pretty sight.

  6. I still don't have my curtains up....mainly because there was no hardware left behind with the last tenants, and I have to go through all that rig-a-maroll. At least we have the blinds. I love those fifties hair-dos!