Monday, June 11, 2012

Summertime and Mama in Pin Curls

Mama with her hair in pin curls.  She often wore short shorts and wrapped her hair in a scarf. She must not have lost her "after baby fluff" because her face is pretty full.

You can tell it's hot 'cause none of us have on much clothes.

That looks like my little brother but that little girl does not look like I remember me.


  1. Lol well I think it is safe to say it is you.

  2. too cute. :) my sister wore pin curls but not my mom. she used curlers w/ her perm.

  3. What a sweet family picture.
    Captures the moment perfectly!!

    My mom wore pin curls too, and she would brush out my hair, set it in spong rollers, or braid it.

    How I hated getting my long rag-tag hair brushed out!!

    Smiles :)

  4. Fun photo. Mama wore pin curls, too and the old fashioned hair net!

  5. Pin curls - our daughters wouldn't know what they are! I remember them well - but then, I remember going to bed with my hair tied in rags in an attempt to get some curl in my dead-straight hair!

  6. I remember pin curls! They worked, too! :)

  7. Great old photos..I am tempted to try pincurls again:)