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Friday, July 6, 2012

Blogging Break

No, I do not have any azaleas left. I barely have any summer hardy petunias and my hydrangeas are fading fast. My pretty grass I paid big bucks for in the fall of 2010 is brown and crunchy with a lot of just plain ol' dirt patches. Our water system is banning outside water usage until we get some significant rain. Russellville had the highest temperature in the state yesterday - 107. We may get rain Sunday.

But in the big scheme of things, these matters are pretty insignificant.

My children are well and I see them frequently. I have beautiful grandchildren who still want to come to Nana's. (I know that may not always be the case) My husband and I are healthy and able to work everyday.

I am blessed and thankful.

Although there is no crisis in my life at present, I am quite busy and expect to be the rest of the summer. So.....I am taking a blogging break. Please know I will be thinking of all my friends and will continue to be interested in your "goings on." I will comment from time to time but please know I do not expect a nod back.

Have a great weekend filled with whatever brings you joy. I will return.


  1. We are truly blessed, I know it, but it sure is hard not to complain, isn't it? Our temp was 109* at 3:00 p.m. yesterday. Popa and his brother are hauling water to a neighbor's chicken houses to run their cool cells; they have at least four more days! The city water pressure is so low it can't keep up.

  2. enjoy yourself, dear nana. and i do hope you get some rain, soon!

  3. Have a great rest of the summer and tell us all about it when you come back : )

  4. You are blessed..have a fun summer with family. Thats what it is all about!

  5. Have a great summer! I'm glad you'll be popping in now and again.

  6. I am so very sorry Rita to hear that there is a current crisis in your life. I will keep you in prayer. Just trust in the Lord for His strength and guidance and comfort through this difficult time, whatever it is.

    Love the azalea, but sorry to hear that the heat has killed off most of your lovely yard flowers, especially since there is a water usage ban. I will also pray for relief for your area. Visit me when you can. All my best now and always, dear blogger friend...

  7. OK, I misread your post! You have no crisis at present! Then, praise God! Sorry I am such a dilbert!

  8. Hope you have some time for just plain fun during your business!

  9. Hi Mate, enjoy you break. Gosh, your heat is certainly high. Its awful to watch the beautiful grass die.
    We are constantly on water restrictions in Oz. Many also use house water tanks. Ours is full at the moment with rain water.