Monday, July 16, 2012

My Daddy

I never saw this mid 1930s picture of my Daddy until tonight. Grandma gave this picture to my sister years ago. She gave me a picture of him too and said she wanted me to have a picture of him when he was little. Grandma was very wise.

My brother's son looks like Daddy. Maybe my brother did too and I just don't remember it. Neither of my kids and none of my grandchildren look like him.

No one knows where this photograph was taken. I am sure it is in Clarksville, but where?

No one remembers where Grandpa and Grandma lived when Daddy was born. We know it was Clarksville, but where?

You lose a lot of history when your people die.


  1. Perhaps it says on his birth can request on from the county. Some births you can find online in some states..The Minnesota Historical Society has a birth just need the full name and the mothers maiden name. It is a cute photo..I am glad you have it! :)

  2. What a sweet picture - such a picture of the time.

  3. I am so happy your Grandma shared those pictures with you and your sister. He sure is a cute little lad. I know you are happy you have it.

    As a genealogist I am constantly amazed that the material that is thrown out (pictures, Bibles, keepsakes etc.) after a person dies. Somebody from the family somewhere will want whatever it is.

  4. Your grandma knows what makes you happy : )
    Someone needs to get busy digging up this information for you. I sure hope it is out there somewhere.

  5. How wonderful that you have this photo, Rita. I know it means a lot to you. He looks like such a cute little boy.

  6. By the way, thanks for your comment on my Our World post...that grandson is the light of my life! :-)

  7. That is for sure the mom and dad never talked about their life as children hardly at all...and I didn't think to ask. Now, if they had talked I would have loved to had one or two stories she told and i always loved hearing them...