Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympic Athletes

This picture has nothing to do with anything. It is the first image that pulled up in my library list.

For some reason, I am so tired. I just got back from vacation and should be rested.

Do you think it may be that I have been watching all these Olympic events?

There have been several things about the Olympics that I have had to Google. Like the kineseo tape. I even had to look up decathlon. 

I finally got all that but I am still trying to figure out why all the women athletes have those strange grooves in their abdomens.

I am going to bed...worry about that tomorrow.


  1. Some time we have to come home just to rest from having to much fun. Hope that is true for you.I have been getting in a little Olympics time, must check them out for a closer look. LOL

  2. You need a vacation from your vacation!
    Sounds just about right :)
    I always feel that way too.

    I haven't been watching a lot of the Olympics... just catching a few of the highlights.

    Happy weekend.. hope ya get rested up!

    Smiles :)

  3. You are funny:) The olympics can really hook you in. I am really not getting anything done this summer!

  4. Well, at least the summer Olympics is every 4 years... oh heck, I forgot... the Winter Olympics is every 4 years, too but not the same year. Wonder if they did that for a purpose!!