Monday, August 6, 2012

The Frosty Mug

August 6 has been declared National Root Beer Float Day. 

Root beer always makes me remember The Frosty Mug. Although they served burgers, hot dogs, and fries, I only remember having the huge frosty mugs of root beer capped with frothy bubbles. The car hops would bring them on a tray that attached to the car window glass. Just like in the movies. 

We rarely enjoyed sodas when we were young so if we did stop after a hot summer car ride, it was especially enjoyable. Daddy didn't always get us the treat when we asked for one. For some reason, whether we stopped or not depended on whether Mama wanted one. What was up with that? She never wanted a root beer as often as my brother and I did.

I wonder what kids today will be remembering from their childhood? I am sure it won't be a soda.  It probably won't be a drive-in/drive-through restaurant either. And do any families just drive around in their car without a set destination anymore?

Why am I so sentimental about root beer anyway?


  1. we had an a&w root beer stand in the 'city' near where we grew up. we only stopped there once or twice when i was a kid.

  2. Life was slower, more simplified, and a lot less distracted then.
    I remember what a special treat it was to go get a frosty mug of root beer, or an occassional chili dog.

    We live in a teeny- tiny small town. Most nights we go for a drive around town.... no where to go, but we still go for a drive :)

  3. Well, we have that in common. I love Root Beer and have very fond memories of my Great Uncle Neil arriving at my grandparents' cottage every summer with bottles of homemade root beer. What a treat that was!!

  4. You have totally made me want to go to A & W and there are hardly any of them anymore. A rootbeer float and french fries sound so delicious right now!

  5. My husband loves root beer floats. Root beer always gave me indigestion!!!!
    We still drive around, especially on Sunday afternoons. It gets harder to do with everyone always in such a rush on the roads!

  6. Yes, families do drive with no destination. Roger and I go rambling a lot of times...would more if gas were not so expensive. And used to my older daughter liked to go with me if Roger didn't.

    Actually...not sure if many families do go for drives any more. But I sure love it.