Saturday, October 27, 2012

Early Computing

Sometime near the end of April, 1970 the soon to be graduates of business school were called together for an important presentation.

Two men wheeled in a file cabinet sized machine and placed it against the wall. We were instructed to squeeze into the now very small room to hear about something called hardware. 

I remember thinking I had already learned all I wanted to know and as my thoughts were primarily on my wedding plans, I did not pay a lot of attention.

The one thing I do remember them saying is, "Someday, there will be a computer on everyone's desk."


  1. I remember in 1975 attending a 'take your family to work day' in Paoli PA at Burrough's. The computers took up an entire room and were taller than a man. How things have changed!

  2. I remember my first computer it was used to list information on orders in stock.

  3. I can also remember when that seemed like the stuff of science fiction and look at us now. I can also remember longing for a 'communicator' like they had on their wrists in Star Trek and thinking we would never have anything like that in my lifetime.

  4. Things have really changed! Wishing you a good week. Take care.

  5. Computers have come a long way. Thank God! wouldn't it be awful to try and carry one of those heavies around. Also I love that pic of you, your mum and brother below, how great.
    Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I have been suffering depression/oppression, and am finally up and back to normal. I have trued to keep going and have not told many.However, I have not been as active as I had been. Also, I finished writing my second book.. Now for all the editing.. A big hug from me.

  6. Amazing how far things have come.
    I remember we had to 'log on' to the computer to ever fire it up *grin**.

    Warm Fall Wishes ..

  7. boy, was that man correct... not only are computers on every desk but in every home and everywhere else!!

  8. Who knew!!!! Boy has the world changed in such a short time.