Monday, October 22, 2012

I Am Still Here

Does anyone remember me?  I'm sorry but I have been so busy with my new site, I have hardly had time to brush my teeth much less blog.

Not much going on in my world other than work. Drought has abated and our trees are turning the beautiful yellows, reds, and oranges of autumn.

We do still have a major hay shortage though. Hubby may have to give horses away to good homes.

Guess you're curious about photograph. My latest page on Living Fifties Fashion is on polka dot dresses. This is the earliest photograph I could find of someone in polka dots. It is from 1855.

Pretty neat, huh?  Trust me, Polka Dot Dresses are still very popular.


  1. I love polka dots--they are so fun. That does look like a really old photo for someone to have a polka dot dress! Take care--and do take time to brush your teeth (ha ha :))

  2. How great is that to find a photo of a gal with style... and from so long ago too!!

    I've been MIA myself for a while... did I miss that you have a new site?
    Let me know...

    Smile :)

  3. Yes! I have missed you; checked just about every day for some words from you. I'm also a little MIA; the stressful summmer has taken its toll on me.

  4. No I haven't forgotten you! I had a very busy last six weeks...a huge project (placemats) for the restaurant that took about 90 hrs of work in a week & 1/2! Followed by company then more company and then sickness. I took a few brief blog breaks. Seems I will NEVER get caught up! :-) But I love my blogger friends, and am glad to be visiting your blog again today.