Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blake's Hook Shot

I know I have not been blogging lately so have no right to be bragging but.......I wanted to tell you about my grandson's budding basketball career.

You remember Blake, don't you? He and I share the same birthday and sometimes vacation together.

Ten year old Blake began playing basketball last year but broke his arm on Thanksgiving and had to sit the season out. 

This year's season just completed with his team undefeated. Blake is small but very quick and able to steal the ball quite well from the bigger boys.

He rarely shoots the ball but did make a fantastic hook shot that one of the parents captured on video.


  1. And the crowd roared! I bet he still isn't over that. Made me smile.

  2. How adorable! I know you are proud of him!

    Boy, I was going to say Welcome Back! And I've been gone a week or so, and boy did I find a lot to comment on! You are back in a Big Way, and I am glad!